Research Methods in Education Admissions

Admissions procedures for the Master of Science in Research Methods in Education (RMinE) program and student expectations will follow the guidelines currently identified in the University of Kentucky Graduate School’s most recent edition of the Graduate Student Handbook and the specific policies of the Department of Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation’s EPE Graduate Student Handbook.

Applications for the RMinE will be accepted for Summer/Fall and Spring admission. A sub-committee of faculty will review applications and make recommendations to the full faculty. The full faculty will then review the recommendations and application folders and arrives at an admissions decision for each case. GRE scores are not required for admission to the Research Methods Master’s Program.

Students from a variety of backgrounds will be encouraged to apply to the program and ideally the program will include many students from outside the field of education who are interested in research methods. No minimum GPA is required for student admission.

Admitted students will be allowed to transfer in 9 credit hours, per The Graduate School’s requirement, however, the Director of Graduate Studies must approve of the credits. As with all EPE graduate degree programs, students admitted to the RMinE program must also be admitted into the University of Kentucky’s Graduate School.

To remain in good standing with program students must show they are making acceptable progress towards completion of the degree and remain continuously enrolled in the program. The department’s minimum GPA to be considered in good standing is a 3.0. Students who are not making successful progress to completing their degree will be contacted by their advisor (or the DGS) to develop a plan for improvement. Failure to remain in good standing or complete satisfactory progress towards completion of the degree may result in a student’s termination from the program.

To complete the program and receive their degrees, students will be required to complete a project based final. Possible projects include preparing an evaluation report, preparing a technical report for a research project, or completing a research manuscript. The type and scope of project that a student completes will be dependent upon the students’ interests and career aspirations, and will be approved by a student’s program committee.

Application Process

Please visit the The Graduate School Admissions page for information about the application process.