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The B.A. in Secondary English Education program provides aspiring teachers with fundamental content in reading, writing, speaking & listening, digital and non-print media, and literary studies along with essential foundations in education studies. Students learn about the language arts and literacy, working with adolescent students in actual public school classrooms to ensure they experience genuine classroom teaching and applying what they learn in authentic spaces.

Why You Should Enroll

We seek students with the following dispositions:

  • Intellectually curious, open, and excited to learn;
  • Invested in learning new ideas and methods for a long, fulfilling career;
  • Enthusiastic about using and understanding language arts in daily life;
  • Willing to challenge and refine personal and traditional beliefs;
  • Dedicated to teaching equitably for ALL learners, not just some;
  • Committed to teaching language arts to adolescent students grades 8-12.

If these characteristics describe you, our program is the perfect home and career pathway! We develop high-quality professional teachers who use knowledge and state-of-the-art methods purposefully to teach language arts and literacy knowledge, skills, and practices for adolescent learners of all kinds. Our students learn to build classroom environments and meaningful experiences to increase adolescent students’ engagement and motivation to become critical thinkers, strong readers, and skilled communicators.

Program completion leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. The B.A. in Secondary English Education program is the initial step for students to enroll in our Master’s with Initial Certification Program (MIC) program. The MIC program is a one calendar-year program of 31 credit hours which leads to both a master’s degree and initial teacher certification in Kentucky. Students entering the MIC gain extensive experiences needed to become licensed, certified teachers. For more information about the MIC program and becoming a state-certified English language arts teacher, go to our Master’s with Initial Certification Program page.

Program Details

Delivery Method: We offer a full B.A. program including face-to-face, online, and hybrid course offerings.

Credit Hours: 126 credit hours minimum

Time to Completion: Refer to the Curriculum Guide in the following section for the required courses to complete this program.

Tuition Cost: Refer to Full-time per Credit Hour Rates for Undergraduate Students on the UK Tuition and Mandatory Fees page.

Curriculum Guide

University Studies (UK Core Classes) 34-48 hours
Literary Studies 27 hours
Composition Studies 9 hours
Language Studies 6 hours
English Support-Area Studies 18 hours
Education Studies 15 hours



Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding this program. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Dr. Jennifer Doyle

Secondary English Education Program Contact


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