Welcome to the Secondary English Teacher Education Program at the University of Kentucky! We are excited that you are interested in learning more about this challenging and rich teaching and learning experience. High school and adolescence are crucial moments in the lives of all young people, and we approach our work knowing that high levels of literacy knowledge, skill, and practice are essential to preparing people who are able to not just read and write, but value those practices as ways of communicating and succeeding at high levels in all aspects of life, not just school.

As a classroom teacher engaged in working with young people, you will learn and practice how to use language arts, reading, writing, and literacy as vehicles to help your students prepare to think and work in ways that support success in life. You will learn proven ways to teach successfully, create learning environments proven to increase student success, help youth from all backgrounds and ability groups learn well, and practice as a top-notch professional who not only teaches but leads.

Majors in English Education complete coursework strategically selected to support their successful work in teaching literature, reading, writing, rhetoric, linguistics, English as a Second Language, special needs instruction, educational technology, and more. These studies prepare our graduates to be contemporary experts: professionals who constantly and continuously learn and grow so that they are successful teachers who know how to teach English “of and with the times.” Our students learn both traditional practices and state-of-the-art methods and approaches to teaching high school English, and use their knowledge in balanced ways to prepare all students they work with for success in and after high school.

Program completion leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Education as well as qualification for admission to our Master’s with Initial Certification (MIC) Program in Secondary English Language Arts, Grades 8-12. For more information about the MICĀ  program and becoming a state-certified high school teacher, please see our Master’s with Initial Certification Program.

Our Faculty

Our English Education Program Faculty includes active professionals from within the College of Education, faculty from the University community and practicing teachers from the Bluegrass area. Our leadership community includes high school English Department Chairs, National Board Certified classroom teachers, and university experts in English, Writing/Rhetoric/Digital Literacies, and Education.

The MIC Program Faculty further includes exceptional professors and clinical instructors for graduate-level education and full teacher certification who specialize in classroom management, special education, educational technology, multicultural education, educational psychology, education policy, and education sociology.

Our Mission

Our additional emphases on the teaching and learning of reading and writing prepare our graduates to do what many other programs do not: Teach literacy. Our graduates do not simply learn to teach “English” alone, and our graduates do more than literary analysis and thematic study of traditional books. They learn how to be professional educators who know how to teach and use language arts and literacy in ways that increase equity and success for all students, not just some. In the Secondary English Education Program, we prepare teachers who know how to value and use traditional methods alongside new knowledge about language arts in today’s society to maximize student success.

Through these undergraduate and graduate programs, UK Secondary English Education produces some of the highest quality high school language arts and literacy teachers in the nation.


Below are some documents that will further your understanding of the Secondary English Education Program:

AdmissionsĀ and Advising

Interested in pursuing the Secondary English Education Teacher Education major?

Prospective students who are not currently enrolled in courses at UK can contact the College of Education Director of Recruiting, Jenna DeMastes, for information on the program.

Prospective on-campus students and off-campus transfer students considering Secondary English Education are encouraged to meet with a professional advisor in Taylor Education Building (TEB) Room166 for an individual advising session.

Upper Division (Junior and Senior) Advising: Upper-Division students seeking to gain admission to UK’s Secondary English Master’s with Initial Certification Program are strongly encouraged to meet with Dr. Burns as Program Chair periodically during their junior and senior years for additional advising about graduate study and teacher certification, as well as to discuss and prepare for application and potential admission to the MIC Program.

Undergraduate Advisor for Secondary English Education and Prospective MIC candidates:

Robert Singleton
Academic Advising and Student Support Services
166 Taylor Education Building
(859) 257-3364