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Secondary English Education Program

The Secondary English Education Teacher Education Program at the University of Kentucky focuses on the development of high-quality professional teachers who purposefully use proven knowledge and innovative state-of-the-art approaches for using English language arts to teach adolescent learners of all kinds. In addition to our commitments to personal and collaborative learning in our community, we educate teachers to build learning environments based on scientific research that are proven to increase student engagement and motivation to learn, and our graduates learn how to use data about their students’ identities to design curriculum and instruction that is purposeful, responsive, knowledge-based, and professionally proven to maximize teacher, student, and school success.

Teacher Candidates in Secondary English participate in diverse University-School Partnerships with strong collaborations between faculty and classroom teachers, with systematic opportunities to gain experience teaching at all secondary grade levels to all ability groups and populations, as well as the chance to practice teaching both core and elective language arts courses they will be expected to lead in their new careers.

For more information, please visit the Secondary English Education program page.

Secondary Social Studies Education Program

Our Secondary Social Studies Education Program Faculty brings together educators from within the College of Education, faculty from the University community, the Professional Educators from the Bluegrass area, and advanced Secondary Social Studies education students.  This diverse faculty works together to continuously monitor how the program is relevant to current professional challenges so that they can adjust their teaching and learning experiences to provide a dynamic preparation for pre-professional students.

For more information, please visit the Secondary Social Studies Education program page.