We are looking for candidates for the Master’s with Initial Certification who have:

  • a reflective understanding of American society, its past and contemporary situation and its place in the larger world,
  • an ability to apply social science concepts and use inquiry and interpretive skills,
  • a historical perspective,
  • multicultural and global perspectives,
  • an ability to learn from participating in community affairs and service. Candidates are reminded that they will be teaching about the whole world. For our undergraduates we urge at least one course about each world region. Candidates also need to be prepared to teach U.S. history from interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives. Courses in the arts and humanities contribute to rich teaching the social studies, too.

The social studies methods class in the fall gives students opportunities to develop their own philosophies of teaching social studies. Students participate in activities ranging from organizing a Global Talk interactive video program and a service project to designing lesson plans to teach in the fall and a unit to use in spring student teaching.

Program Requirements

The minimum course requirements are a major or a minor in history; a major or a minor in a social science; and one course in each of the other social sciences. The social sciences include anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology.

We also encourage applicants to have acquired substantial experience with 14 to 18 year olds. Undergraduates in our own program must take a course (EDC 362), which gives them that experience in schools. Graduates who come to our program as mature students or from other colleges may take the course or they may negotiate with the faculty advisor to have school, social agency, or other experiences with young people meet this requirement.

We also are pleased to see candidates with a variety of work experiences, including volunteer experiences such as working on a political campaign. We have had applicants with business, military, social work, law, communications backgrounds. We like to have a mix of candidates from all over Kentucky and from other states. We appreciate candidates who have traveled, studied, and/or worked abroad and/or who have interacted with people different from themselves in the U.S.


The following prerequisites are needed for general admission into the MIC program.

  • An undergraduate degree that includes a major or minor in history, a major or minor in another social science, and one course in each of the other social sciences (anthropology, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology).
  • Qualification for admission to a UK College of Education teacher certification program, which requires letters of recommendation; an interview by the appropriate program faculty; GPAs of at least 2.75 overall as well as in major, minor, and support areas; demonstrated basic skills (e.g., GRE, PRAXIS Core Skills Test), and a statement of moral/ethical background.
  • Admission to the Graduate School, which requires a minimum of 2.75 undergraduate GPA and 3.0 GPA in any graduate work along with standardized test scores.

Students may submit applications from August through May with plans to begin the program the following academic year.

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