The Instructional Systems Design faculty is nationally active as reflected in their publication of journal articles, books, non-print media, and their service activities. In addition, the faculty have made numerous presentations and are active in various professional organizations.

Faculty expertise and research interests include instructional design, visual learning, meta-cognition, web-based instruction, interactive multimedia design and development,  design of computer based instruction, and networking theory and development.



Dr. Joan Mazur

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Joan M. Mazur, Ph.D. is Professor of Instructional Systems Design in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction where she also serves as a Director of the Digital Learning & Design P-20 Innovation Lab. Her research is primarily interdisciplinary and has focused on narrative forms of instruction, mediating technologies and inquiry, and recently on teacher professional development and coaching for innovative classroom learning technology as part of the P-20 Innovation Initiative. She teaches graduate classes in digital gaming, social media design, technology integration in the secondary schools and mixed methods research. She has collaborated with the Colleges of Engineering, Agriculture, Public Health, and Arts and Sciences and numerous public school districts on various projects, funded by NSF, NIOSH, DoDEA and various private foundations including BellSouth and James Graham Brown.

Dr. Mazur began at UK in 1993 after receiving her doctoral degree from Cornell University in Curriculum & Instruction. She lives with her husband on their farm in Willisburg in Washington County.



Dr. Gerry Swan

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Dr. Swan joined the faculty in 2007 as an Associate Professor of Instructional Systems Design and Assistant Dean of Program Assessment. He began his career with teaching experience at a boarding school in New Hampshire. Teaching in a one-to-one computing environment sparked his interest in the use of technology in education. Dr. Swan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University and a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from the University of Virginia. Dr. Swan’s research interests include use of interactive media with instruction and computer managed instruction/research.


Field Faculty

Our Field Faculty are professional instructional designers and technology leaders who are integrate research based interventions and sound instructional design and training practices into their work in corporate, governmental, educational and medical settings. They bring their rich work experiences and varied educational backgrounds to enrich the learning experiences of ISD students through coursework, projects, and leading edge technology applications for instruction and assessment.


photo of Becky Combs


Dr. Becky Combs

Dr. Combs teaches EDC 607: Instructional Design I and EDC 608: Instructional Design II, two foundational courses in the ISD Program.  Dr. Combs taught 3rd grade in Fayette County Schools before entering the ISD Program. A 2008 graduate of the program with both her Master’s in ISD and her doctorate in Education Sciences/ISD/Curriculum & Instruction, she has been working in corporate settings for the past eight years. Dr. Combs is currently the Design Manager at United Health Care Group in Louisville, Kentucky.

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photo of Michael Dailey


Dr. Michael Dailey

Dr. Dailey teaches EDC 548: Instructional Technology Leadership. Since 2012, Dr. Dailey has served as the Associate Director of Federal and State Programs for Fayette County Schools in Lexington, Kentucky. Prior to that post he spent fourteen years working in innovative technology positions for the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). He was a founding member of the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) as part of the Instructional Technology Leadership Program, and also served as the Achievement Gap Coordinator and Director of Next Generation Professionals at KDE. He received his Bachelor’s at Kentucky State University, his MSW in Planning & Administration at the Ohio State University, and his Ph.D. at Capella University.

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photo of Nedim Slijepcevic


Dr. Nedim Slijepcevic

Dr. Slijepcevic teaches EDC 605: Distance Learning Foundations, the anchor course for our Distance Learning Certificate. He currently works as Faculty Development Program Manager in the Instructional Design Center at Eastern Kentucky University. He received a B.A. in Computer Information Systems at Buffalo State, an M.S. in Multimedia and Learning at Buffalo State, and an Ed.D. in Instructional Systems Design at University of Kentucky.


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Emeritus Faculty


Dr. Gary J. Anglin

Dr. Anglin retired in 2016 as an Associate Professor of Education and program chair of the Instructional System Design Program. He is a full member of the Graduate School Faculty and past president of the Research and Theory Division and the Division of Instructional Development, AECT, and Chair of the SIG – Instructional Technology for the American Educational Research Association. He is currently associate editor of the Journal of Computing in Higher Education and is a member of editorial boards for the Quarterly Review of Distance Education, the Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, and Educational Technology Research and Development (consulting editor). Dr. Anglin currently serves as Chair of the Robert M. Gagne award Committee for Graduate Student Research, AECT. His current research interests are in the areas of visual message design and distance education. Dr. Anglin’s recent publications with co-author Gary R. Morrison include: Distance Education: Practice Before Research or Research Before Practice, An Analysis of Success and Failures: Focusing on Learner-Content Interactions for the Next generation of Distance education, and Instructional Design for Technology-based Systems. Dr. Anglin is also editor of the award winning book: Instructional Technology: Past, Present and Future (in 3rd edition). He is an avid photographer and continues to pursue his life-long interest in photography.


Dr. Douglas Smith

Dr. Smith joined the College of Education faculty in 1987. In 2016, he retired from his primary assignment in the Instructional Systems Design program where he taught instructional computing and electronic authoring. His research interests include the roles of education technologists, gender equity, and computer based instruction. Dr. Smith also coordinates the business content core for the master’s with initial certification program. Dr. Smith is the former chair of the business and marketing education program faculty.