“The course that I took was instrumental in helping me design my first online Introduction to Special education course as a doctoral student. In addition, the information I was taught also helped me identify ways to teach my first synchronous two-way audio video course as a new professor.”
-Adjunct Faculty working in the private sector

“Courses that are taught as part of the Graduate Certificate in DL embrace the whole concept of DL by immersing the learner into the experience.  While the content is focused on methods for delivery, administration and management, and the literature that supports DL, participants are active learners via their own participation in the strategies and methods in which they are learning.
The DL courses that I have taken have pushed me out of my comfort zones to experience new methods for collaborating with peers, experiencing content and collecting information. I now use these methods to deliver courses and develop learning modules and find that I have much more confidence in exploring new methods on my own.”
-Doctoral Student in an Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Program

“I cannot express how much the Distance Education Management and Support course has helped me as an instructor.  Taking the time to study the best techniques and strategies for instruction online as well as to research success / failures and different viewpoints in distance learning and distance education has improved my skills as an instructor.  It has afforded me the opportunities and experiences to know for sure that just because I am teaching (online) doesn’t mean that learning is happening. The Distance Education Graduate Certificate is for anyone who is, or who desires to be, an instructional designer for online or distance courses.”
-Administrator involved in K-12 education

“The Distance Education Graduate Program is] a convenient way to obtain credentials even in the busiest of work schedules.  I really enjoyed being able to learn on my time and get fast reliable feedback to grow on the topic.  I really enjoyed the class I took and I enjoyed the knowledge that I obtained from the instruction.”
-Faculty at a Community College

 “Since I am currently an online instructor in special education courses at another institution, I found it very helpful to take the distance education courses at the same time that I was teaching online. I was able to apply a number of strategies, such as learning to use Camtasia for audio presentations and video clips… Finally, through the distance education coursework, one of my projects was to design a website for our program, providing all the basic information that online students would need or have questions about.  In short, all my activities were directly applicable to my teaching.”
-Faculty at a Private College