Based on interest, students may choose an emphasis from either the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling (EDSRC) or from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EDC) within the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) program. In addition, students may choose the option of completing the Certificate under cross-listed courses through the Graduate School (GS).  All emphases require two foundation courses and two related electives for a total of 12 graduate credit hours. All courses are delivered in a distance education format.

Course in Course Development (3 credit hours – choose one):

  • EDC 548 Instructional Computing 2
  • EDS 651/GS 600 Distance Education Delivery

Course in Program Development (3 credit hours – choose one):

  • EDC 605 Distance Education Design
  • EDS 652/GS 600 Distance Education: Management and Support

Related Electives (6 credit hours – choose two):

  • EDC 543 Video for Multimedia and Distance Learning
  • EDC 607 Instructional Design I
  • EDS 649 Advanced Practicum: Special Education Technology
  • EDS 721 Practicum in Special Education Personnel Preparation

Other suitable electives will be considered.

Course Descriptions:

EDC 543: Video for Distance Education and Multimedia (3 credit hours)

A variety of video applications for distance education and multimedia are discussed. Classroom exercises and projects develop basic video skills and production experience needed for distance education course delivery and development and multimedia projects. Topics include instructional video research, video equipment, terminology and systems, and message design issues.

EDC 548: Instructional Computing II (3 credit hours)
Students develop skill in advanced aspects of the operation and use of the range of instructional technologies fro desktop to distributed computing environments. Students use operating systems, learn network administration, do technology planning, and work with basic authoring tools. Skill is demonstrated through a series of projects including development of a technology plan for a specified work setting and authorship of a prototype program. Prerequisite: EDC 547 or Consent of Instructor.

EDC 605: Distance Learning Research and Design (3 credit hours)
Study of the design and development of distributed learning systems in education and training. Topics include: foundations of distance education, distance learning research, and the design and development of e-learning courses and workshops. Student involvement in the design of an e-learning course or workshop will be emphasized.

EDC 607: Instructional Design I (3 credit hours)
Introduction to the instructional design process from needs assessment and goal definition through evaluation. Each student will design prototype instructional materials based on an instructional design model and/or procedures. The course will also introduce students to the field of instructional design and technology.

EDS 649: Advanced Practicum in Special Education Technology (1-9 credit hours)
Students will engage in supervised practicum activities associated with the delivery of distance education technology services (hands on project in course development, such as conducting taped interviews, creating reading lists, creating course graphic, etc.). Practicum settings may include schools, technology resource centers, administrative offices, and other facilities involved in  the development or delivery of technology services. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

EDS 651/GS 600: Distance Education: Delivery (3 credit hours)
This course has been designed for those faculty or future faculty who plan to teach via distance education technology. This course will review current literature on how to deliver distance education content with attention to developing materials, setting delivery timelines, facilitating interactions, and using appropriate teaching strategies. Prerequisite: Master’s degree.

EDS 652/GS 600: Distance Education: Management and Support (3 credit hours)
This course has been designed for those faculty or future faculty who plan to manage or direct programs delivered through distance education technology. The course will focus on current issues and challenges in distance education administration, including such topics as provision of quality support services; policy issues at the local, state, national, and international level; model administrative structures; instruction and technology funding; and virtual institutions. Prerequisite: Master’s degree.

EDS 721: Practicum in Special Education Personnel Preparation (1-9 credit hours)
Supervised practicum experiences in distance education delivery in higher education, including practice in delivering lectures, conducting class discussions, leading seminars, directing independent studies, guiding student research projects, and demonstrating instructional methods and materials. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

EDS 789: Independent Study in Special Education (1-6 credit hours)
An independent study course for advanced gradute students with an interest in a specific problem in distance education. Class hours by appointment. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.