The Office of Communications & Marketing is happy to help produce both print and digital design projects for College of Education faculty and staff.

By submitting your graphic design request at least three weeks prior to your deadline, we are better able to help you achieve a polished piece. We want to help you look great! A clear, consistent piece¬†with aesthetically-pleasing style contributes to our college’s public image as well as helps internal audiences recognize and relate to the college’s messaging.

To submit a design request, please fill out the form below. Remember that text to be included in your project must be fully proofed and ready for publication before submitting your project for design.

If the project contains information about academic programs or classes, your text must be approved by Dr. Rosetta Sandidge prior to design. Only minor text edits will be done after your project has been designed. Your proof will be returned to you with a watermark showing it is in draft form. It will not be cleared for printing until it has been reviewed by Dr. Sandidge.

Graphic Design Request Form

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