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What is #iCANendthetrend?

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Our Impact Across KY

The primary goal of #iCANendthetrend is to provide tobacco use prevention services to youth, families, and community members across Kentucky. #iCANendthetrend is an evidence-informed program developed by College of Education faculty in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky in collaboration with college tobacco-free ambassadors. #iCANendthetrend aims to help build awareness on the dangers of tobacco use, including e-cigarette use, costs associated with nicotine dependence, and ways youth have been targeted and influenced to use these products.

The program uses a peer-to-peer model in which elementary, middle, and high school students are connected with college student facilitators who are closer to their age. In addition, the goal is to empower younger generations to end the trend of tobacco and e-cigarette use among their peers and in their communities through skill-based and engaging lessons. Program delivery is tailored to school and community needs.

What's our Primary Goal? (video)

Tailored Lessons and Opportunities

#iCANendthetrend focuses on empowering young people to prevent tobacco and e-cigarette use. We offer tailored presentations for 4th-12th grade that align with the National and Kentucky Health Education Standards. Schools can select a one or three session lesson. Our 50 minute compiled presentation includes information on the dangers of e-cigarettes, financial and health consequences, what it means for this product to be a trend, how students are targeted through use of flavors, marketing, and social norm perceptions. We also build in refusal skills and share quitting resources tailored for young people. Our 3-session presentation covers similar content, but allows for greater opportunity to go a bit more in depth into the content as well as include additional interactive activities. This longer session also gives the peer facilitators more time to build rapport with the students and encourage additional conversations about the topic.

In addition, we offer programming specifically targeted to athletes, parents, community members, pre-professionals, professionals, and conduct youth advocacy workshops.

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Meet the #iCANendthetrend Team

photo of Olivia Zidzik

Olivia Zidzik

Olivia is an Integrated Strategic Communication major and Philosophy minor from Chesterfield, Michigan. This year, her goal is to connect with other universities in the state and region so that they can establish #iCANendthetrend chapters on their campus. Olivia has served as an #iCANendthetrend facilitator since the fall of 2019.

photo of Trey

Trey Schadt

Trey is a Marketing major at the University of Kentucky and has been an #iCANendthetrend facilitator since February of 2020. One goal he would like to accomplish this year is to help raise awareness on strategies and programs to support quitting.

photo of Cameron Rostron

Cameron Rostron

Cameron is a Biology major from Indianapolis, IN. He has served as an #iCANendthetrend facilitator since Spring 2020. This year, Cameron’s goal is to make a difference in the way youth think about their choices and empower them to choose healthier lifestyles.

photo of Julia Estes

Julia Estes

Julia is a sophomore Political Science major with a minor in Psychology & Journalism. She is from Memphis, TN, and became an #iCANendthetrend Facilitator in March of 2020. She’s excited to grow personally & professionally through this position!

photo of Camille

Camille Wright

Camille is a double major in Integrated Strategic Communication and Digital Media and Design. She is from Lawrenceville, Georgia and became an #iCANendthetrend facilitator in April 2020. Camille’s goal is to educate youth in Kentucky and also youth back in her hometown so they can make healthier life choices!

photo of Grace

Grace Evans

Grace is a Human Health Sciences major on a pre-dental track from Barbourville, Kentucky. She has served as a #iCANendthetrend Facilitator since April of 2020. This year, Grace’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of youth impacted by nicotine addiction.

photo of Hayley Leach

Hayley Leach

Former facilitator

“As one of the first #iCANendthetrend College Facilitators, I had the opportunity to watch our program grow and develop into one of the leading e-cigarette prevention programs in Kentucky. Serving as a college facilitator was the highlight of my undergraduate education. Serving as a college facilitator also allowed me to gain the much needed classroom management, presentation, and lesson planning experience I will utilize as a teacher during my next two years as a Teach For America corp member. In addition, the advocacy experience and tracking e-cigarette legislation gained through our program will be incredibly useful as I complete my Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Administration. “

photo of Sierrah Miley

Sierrah Miley

Program Coordinator

Sierrah is from Frankfort, KY and recent graduate from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Kinesiology. This year, Sierrah’s goal is to encourage and give youth the resources and information to make a difference in their communities. Sierrah has been with the team since Spring 2019 as a former college facilitator and is currently the #iCANendthetrend Program Coordinator.

photo of Dillon Lay

Dillon Lay

Research Assistant

Dillon is from London, KY and recent graduate from the University of Kentucky with a Marketing major and Communications minor. This year, his goal is to reach more Kentuckians than 2019 (over 3,500+!). Dillon has been with the team since Spring 2019 as a former College Facilitator and is currently a Research Assistant.

photo of Ickes

Dr. Melinda Ickes

Program Director

Dr. Ickes is an Associate Professor in Health Promotion in the College of Education. She received her PhD from University of Cincinnati in Health Behavior and Health Promotion at University of Cincinnati in 2010. Dr. Ickes has a wealth of experience in tobacco prevention and control, youth empowerment, and intervention research. She serves as the Co-Director of Tobacco Policy for BREATHE in the College of Nursing and is the Director of Tobacco-free Take Action and Go Tobacco-free, efforts to promote evidence-based tobacco policy.

“Using a peer-to-peer model in which middle and high school students are connected with facilitators closer to their age has been invaluable. The college facilitators are role models and reinforce what empowering younger generations can do to make an impact in their community.”

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Hello, thank you for your interest in the #iCANendthetrend program!

We offer several different presentation options for elementary, middle, and high school students. We have options to give one condensed 50-minute lesson, three presentations over a several day/week period, and are open to longer programming opportunities. We also are now available to give virtual presentations through Zoom! We prefer to keep our classrooms small with around 30 students to ensure activities and questions can be managed with one facilitator. We are not currently accepting bookings for assembly style presentations.

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What is the Youth Advisory Board?

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a small group of leaders who are dedicated to e-cigarette education and prevention. Members of the YAB will represent their region of Kentucky, improve their schools and communities by advocating for change, and collaborate with #iCANendthetrend college facilitators at the University of Kentucky. This leadership opportunity will prepare you for college and future careers and offer opportunities that will help you learn and grow as an advocate. YAB members will have unique opportunities, roles, and experiences! Are you interested in public speaking experience? We’ll help you with that! Experience working on social media? Talking to legislators? Being a member of the youth advisory board is not limited to opportunity, and will vary depending on your personal interests!

What to Expect

Members of YAB will…

  • Plan/execute community projects
  • Work directly with #iCANendthetrend college facilitators at the University of Kentucky
  • Give presentations and assist with social media campaigns
  • Complete leadership training
  • Build connections with other advocates & professionals state-wide
  • Attend monthly meetings with other members and college facilitators
  • Develop resume-boosting skills
  • Serve for a period of at least one year

Please fill out this Google form. If accepted, you will receive an email to schedule an interview.

Note: You are still welcome if you are currently using e-cigarettes. We ask that you sign a pledge to quit as well as enroll in a quitting program.


For More Information…

University of Kentucky BREATHE fact sheets | http://www.uky.edu/breathe/tobacco-policy/quick-facts-topic/e-cigarettes-and-hookah | Research-based fact sheets and infographics.

The Surgeon General | https://e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov/ | Parent sheets, fact sheets, and print materials.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/ | Fact sheets, infographics, multimedia.

The American Lung Association | https://www.lung.org/quit-smoking/e-cigarettes-vaping/lung-health | Research-based fact sheets and infographics.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration | https://www.fda.gov/tobacco-products/products-ingredients-components/vaporizers-e-cigarettes-and-other-electronic-nicotine-delivery-systems-ends| Research-based fact sheets and infographics.

American Cancer Society | https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/tobacco-and-cancer/e-cigarettes.html| Research-based information and cessation resources.

General Info

CATCH My Breath | www.CATCH.org, https://catchinfo.org/modules/e-cigarettes/ | Comprehensive youth e-cigarette, JUUL, and vape prevention program specific to grades 5-12. The required training is facilitated in a virtual setting.

Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit | www.med.stanford.edu/tobaccopreventiontoolkit.html | Educational resource that can be adapted to fit the needs of adults and students in all types of settings, including elementary, middle, and high schools; community-based organizations, and health related agencies.

Taking Down Tobacco | www.takingdowntobacco.org | Comprehensive youth advocacy training program that educates and engages youth through free online and in-person trainings. @TobaccoFreeKids on Twitter and Instagram

The Real Cost | www.therealcost.com | FDA campaign that educates teens about the harmful effects of tobacco use. Intended for youth ages 12 to 17. @KnowTheRealCost on Facebook and Twitter

Truth Initiative | https://truthinitiative.org/ | Truth Initiative is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past. Truth Initiative conducts groundbreaking research and policy studies, gives young people the facts about tobacco and the industry behind it, engages individuals and groups to make change in their communities, innovates new ways to end tobacco use and joins forces with collaborators committed to a tobacco-free future. @truthinitiative on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Quit Now Kentucky | www.QuitNowKentucky.org | Free phone, text, and online chat service for Kentuckians who want to quit using tobacco products. Currently available for all ages. Enroll by visiting QuitNowKentucky.org, calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW, or texting “QUITKY” to 797979.

My Life, My Quit | www.MyLifeMyQuit.com | Free, confidential service for pre-teens and teens who want help quitting tobacco products. Participants should visit MyLifeMyQuit.com, or call or text “START MY QUIT” to (855) 891-9989 to register.

This is Quitting | www.ThisIsQuitting.com | Free texting program specifically for teens and young adults who want to stop vaping developed by Truth Initiative. Text “KENTUCKY” to 88709. Parents and other adults looking for resources to help kids stop vaping should text “QUIT” to (202) 899-7550.

Quitting Resources
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