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 Overview of the MIC Program


The Master of Arts in Secondary Education with Initial Certification (MIC) at the University of Kentucky is an intensive one calendar-year program of 31 credit hours which leads to both a master's degree and initial teacher certification in Kentucky. The MIC may be pursued in one of five subject areas: Business/Marketing, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Education.

 Ben Osborne reflects on his MIC experience (text)

How is the MIC Program structured?

The Master of Arts in Education MIC Program consists of 31 graduate hours:

The Common Core courses (13 credit hours):

  • EDC 639 (MIC Seminar on Multicultural Education), 1 hour
  • EDC  637 (MIC Seminar on Behavior Management), 1 hour
  • EDC  638 (MIC Seminar on Technology Education), 1 hour
  • SEM 770/EDU 645 (MIC Cohorts), 3 hours at high schools
  • ELS  691 (Legal Prospectives for Teachers), 1 hour
  • EDP 658 Problems in Educational Psychology, 1 hour
  • EDS 604 Special Education for Secondary Education, 1 hour
  • EPE 773 Seminar in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation, 1 hour

The Subject Area courses

  • SEM/EDC XXX, Subject Area Pedagogy in the Secondary Schools, 3 hours, Fall
  • EDC 746, Subject Area Instruction in the Secondary School (Student Teaching), 9 hours, Spring

Elective Courses (9 hours):

 What is the Common Core?

The Common Core, "Research and Reflection for Learning and Leading," translates to ten themes:

  • educational psychology
  • classroom management
  • educational reform
  • foundations
  • general pedagogy
  • legal/administrative perspectives
  • multicultural education
  • field experience
  • students with special needs
  • technology

How time-consuming is the program?

In the fall, the coursework melds of the Common Core with a parallel emphasis on subject area pedagogy, along with a regular opportunity to observe and apply what is being studied, ensuring that all MIC students have an opportunity to learn to apply theory in practical situations. In the spring, the emphasis shifts to the application of subject matter-specific skills along with opportunities to examine Common Core themes in the context of the field-experience. The program is very intensive; other employment is not recommended.

What does my application include?

Fill out MIC application packet

  • File a complete application with the UK Graduate School and keep a copy, which you will attach to the MIC application package.
  • Meet with appropriate subject area academic advisor to review undergraduate subject matter preparation.
  • Complete a formal interview with the appropriate program faculty committee, including the completion of required written and oral communication tasks.
  • Complete an assessment of skills and abilities in technology.
  • Note: Descriptions of specific entrance standards and requirements for each subject area can be found in the undergraduate bulletin.


For more information about the MIC Program, email micinfo@coe.uky.edu

For additional information contact:


Dr. Mary Shake
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