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Mary Shake

Professor Mary Shake

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Welcome to the Elementary Education Program at the University of Kentucky! We are particularly proud that you are interested learning more about this most challenging teaching experience. Students with whom you will be working mature, learn, and explore at different rates, seemingly in different directions during their Elementary Experience. As a classroom teacher engaged in working with young people during this time in their life, you will make similar discoveries about better ways to teach, to manage a classroom, to help a child learn.

Professor Mary Shake is the Chair of the Elementary Education Program faculty.

Our Elementary Program Faculty has educators from within the College of Education, faculty from the University community, the Professional Educators from the Bluegrass area, and advanced Elementary education students.

Interested prospective students are encouraged to apply to UK and indicate their strong interest in the Elementary program. You will note that you apply to UK and to the Teacher Education Program.

Program Process Information The Elementary Education Program offers a breadth of classroom choices and a wealth of field experiences. The elementary education curriculum is displayed on the curriculum sheet. The combination of these classroom and experiential activities result in graduates who are prepared for many of the Elementary challenges! Student community activities include the Elementary Association.

Program students and faculty communicate by frequent classroom contact, advising sessions and the LISTSERV for Elementary Majors and by their course LISTSERVs.

The Elementary Program faculty continuously montior how our program is relevant to the professional challenges so we can adjust our teaching and learning experiences to provide a dynamic preparation for our pre-professional students.

Graduation Information Graduation for our students is extremely important for our program faculty. We take pride in our prepartion for PRAXIS II testing, a standardized test that is recognized by the ESPB for teacher certification. Typically our students do very well on this measure of readiness to teach in the Elementarys.

The Academic Services and Teacher Certification Office announces test dates and information on graduation deadlines.

The web page that shows the certification requirements across the country is frequently visited by people who are graduating.

Elementary Alumni Our alumni teach in schools across the commonwealth and many of the 50 states.

Elementary Educators are in great demand across the country; employment opportunities abound!

Elementary Resources The Elementary Program at UK also maintains a professional educators' resource center. In addition several LISTSERVs are directed toward the Elementary Educator.