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Winter Intersession Courses Offered

The College of Education has a number of Winter Intersession options to help students fulfill a UK Core requirement, take an elective, and more. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor and register soon. Winter 2021-22 courses in the College of Education include:

EPE/EDP 557-203 – Gathering, Analyzing & Using Educational Data (UK Core)EPE 798 – Seminar in Higher Education – High Impact PracticesEDL 403 – Leadership and CommunicationEDS 375 – Introduction to Education of Exceptional ChildrenKHP 200 – History and Philosophy of Physical Education and SportKHP 230 – Human Health and Wellness (UK Core)KHP 240 – Nutrition and Physical FitnessKHP 300 – Psychology and Sociology of Physical Education and SportKHP 445 – Intro to Tests and Measurement