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Tracking teacher stress and coping skills

Dr. Molly Fishers works with undergraduates doing STEM research.

This research focuses on correlations between stressful work-related events and the data provided by the FitBit in order to support future teachers experiencing stress in their teaching careers.

Molly Fisher, Ph.D., an associate professor in STEM Education, is conducting research with two undergraduate elementary education majors, Shelby Haarman and Natalie Runge. For 12 consecutive weeks, they used fitness trackers to measure four teachers’ heart rates, step counts, and sleep cycles and using the data to make connections to their stress and coping skills during weekly interviews.

They are now in the process of analyzing the data of their mixed methods study. Haarman and Runge will present their research at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research in Atlanta in April 2019 and hope to publish their research in an educational research journal.