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Thelin’s Book Ranks in Forbes’ Top 10

Essential Documents in the History of Higher Education by John Thelin

University of Kentucky College of Education professor John Thelin’s book “Essential Documents in the History of Higher Education,” 2nd edition, made Forbes’ list of Best Higher Education Books of 2021.

Thelin, a regarded authority on the history of higher education and public policy, presents a rich collection of primary sources that chart the social, intellectual, political, and cultural history of American colleges and universities from the seventeenth century to the present. The updated edition includes issues that have shaped American higher education in the past decade, from congressional investigations into endowments and court cases about paying student-athletes to accounts of campus protests over racial discrimination and adjuncts struggling in the “gig economy.”

Thelin is a University Research Professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation. His other books include “A History of American Higher Education” and “Going to College in the Sixties.”