The Technology Center assists faculty, staff, and students in the College of Education with the purchase of computers and other technology. Here is how the process works:


UK uses two primary vendors for computers.

  • Apple – buy direct for all Mac computers and iPads via procard
  • Dell – all Windows computers are purchased from Dell via SRM

Buying from Dell

  1. Contact Josh Boldt to arrange a quote.
  2. Approve your quote and send the cost center # that will be used to make the purchase.
  3. The Technology Center will place your order, receive it, tag it, add it to our inventory, and install standard software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, etc.). We will let you know when it is ready and arrange for set up in your office including any required data transfer.

Buying from Apple

  1. Contact Josh Boldt to arrange a proposal.
  2. Apple products are purchased with a department procard. The requesting department must have an account with Apple Education in order to place an order with the procard. Obtain this account or login at:
  3. The requesting department will log in, search for the proposal number that we have prepared, and then place the order with the department procard.
  4. The Technology Center cannot place procard orders on behalf of a department, but we will build the proposal according to your desired specs and send it to you. From there, it’s easy!
  5. When the computer is received, the department should contact the Technology Center to set up the computer and install required software.
  6. Feel free to have the computer shipped directly to us at: 597 S. Upper Street / 151 Taylor Education Building / Lexington, KY 40506. Just be sure to let us know it’s coming.


Departments can buy printers with a procard directly from Ricoh on the UK purchasing contract. Feel free to contact the Technology Center for advice.

Office Supplies, Webcams, Microphones, Headphones, Cameras, Projectors & Other Electronics

The Technology Center does not purchase this equipment on behalf of departments, but we are happy to give advice or make recommendations.