Bachelor of Science in STEM Education

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth & Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics

STEM PLUS: Preparing Leaders for Urban/Rural Schools is an undergraduate certification program housed within the College of Education and the STEM Education Department. It represents a unique transdisciplinary approach to teacher education and is the first STEM Education major in the United States!

  • Earn a double major in STEM Education and content major (i.e., mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth science, physical science, computer science) with secondary teaching certification (grades 8-12) in one or more state-certifiable STEM subjects in just 4 years (120 credit hours)
  • Program responds to needs of urban and rural schools
  • Committed producing STEM teachers who will function as ethical professionals, lifelong learners, and leaders in their schools and communities
  • Formal and informal clinical field experiences from year 1!

Armed with means to capitalize on cultural and linguistic diversity as a way to make STEM knowledge and skills relevant and useful for all students, STEM PLUS graduates will champion STEM educational equity which may allow all students to use STEM productively in their daily lives to achieve personal goals, participate as active citizens, and to develop the STEM skills necessary for access to modern opportunities in their global technological society.