The Department of STEM Education offers multiple programs for graduate study. Please explore our programs below and contact Dr. Molly Fisher, Director of Graduate Studies, with any questions.

Master’s with Initial Certification (MIC) Program

The Masters with Initial Certification Program brings in educators from within the College of Education faculty and supplements learning with experiences in local high schools. Students will be placed in a practicum school for the fall semester and then in a different school in the spring for student teaching. Learn more about the Master’s with Initial Certification (MIC) program.

Master of Science in STEM Education

The University of Kentucky’s STEM PLUS+: Producing Teacher Leaders for Urban/rUral Schools Program is a Master’s of Science in STEM Education program designed to address expanded leadership expectations, especially in the content areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, for practicing educators in schools across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Learn more about the Master of Science in STEM Education program.

Ph.D in STEM Education

The Department of STEM Education, in conjunction with the Office of the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation in the College of Education, offers the Education Sciences Interdisciplinary Ph.D., with an emphasis in STEM Education. Learn more about the Ph.D. in STEM Education program.