This course is intended to help future STEM Education teachers build a theoretical background and develop the practical skills needed to begin to develop themselves as effective teachers in the secondary classroom. Students will be introduced to, and gain hands-on experience with a variety of instructional materials appropriate for teaching STEM Education at the secondary level. Students are encouraged to be creative and reflective in developing, implementing, and evaluating practices associated with teaching STEM concepts and skills. A strong emphasis is placed upon helping students to develop an understanding of the processes of inquiry teaching, the processes of science and mathematics, as well as a deep conceptual understanding of their respective content area(s). This is part I of a two course sequence. This course requires a minimum of 100 hours of observation.
Prerequisite(s):   EDP 202, SEM 110, Admission into STEM PLUS Program
Syllabi (Requires Link Blue/MyUK credentials)
Spring 2020
  Section 001 - Lin Xiang (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Spring 2019
  Section 001 - Lisa Amick (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
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