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School Science and Mathematics Association Conference


Dr. Margaret Mohr-Schroeder serves on the executive board of directors of the School Science and Mathematics Association. She edited the first proceedings book for the organization, published in November.

STEM faculty (Drs. Molly Fisher, Rebecca McNall Krall, Margaret Mohr-Schroeder and Jennifer Wilhelm) and students (Maureen Cavalcanti, Kayla Blyman, Thomas Roberts, Bean, Cole, Kumar, Lamar, Mabson and Peake) recently presented at the School Science and Mathematics Association Conference in Jacksonville, Fla. Topics included:


  • Impact of Student Motivation on Learning Mathematics in an Informal Setting
  • Active Participation Through Partnership Enhancement Projects: Science and Mathematics Education Reform
  • Examining REU Fellows’ Research Expectations as They Begin a Research-Intensive STEM Program
  • Preparing Prospective Teachers to Work with Students who Struggle in Mathematics
  • Improving Learning of Chemical Equilibrium with Technology
  • Exploring Elementary Pre-Service Teachers’ Conceptions of Carbon Cycling in Trees
  • Motivating and Inspiring Middle Level Students’ Interest in STEM via STEM Camp
  • Correlating Teachers’ Implementation of a Moon Phase Lesson to Student Learning Outcomes


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