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Social Media Workshop for Pre-Service Teachers

photos of Neal Hutchens
Dr. Neal Hutchens

What kind of online presence do you want to cultivate? A workshop, “Navigating free speech and social media presence: A workshop for pre-service teachers,” was held Tuesday, October 24 in the private dining room at The 90, located on campus at the corner of Woodland and Hilltop avenues.

The talk, given by Dr. Neal Hutches, offered an interactive opportunity to reflect on issues related to internet and social media usage.  Participants discussed how pre-service teachers can better understand how their First Amendment protections are navigated within the complex K-12 school setting.  Hutchens also discussed the possible professional implications of online and social media activity in relation to employers and potential employers. As part of this session, participants considered how their online and social media activity offers an opportunity to reflect upon their views and attitudes toward others.

Hutchens is a professor of higher education at the University of Mississippi. His scholarship focuses on higher education law and policy, with a special interest in speech and academic freedom issues.

This event was sponsored by the UK College of Education Inclusiveness Committee.