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Schroeder Receives 2008 KACTE Outstanding Service Award

Gary Schroeder is devoted to preparing teachers and education personnel. As a result of this dedication, Schroeder was given the 2008 Outstanding Service Award by the Kentucky Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

“It is an honor to receive an award which, over the years, has been given to people who form a ‘Who’s Who’ in Kentucky educator preparation,” said Schroeder, director of Academic Services and Teacher Certification (AS&TC) in the UK College of Education. “Because there are so many outstanding people in leadership positions throughout the state who deserve this award, being selected to receive it is a very special recognition.”

Schroeder has been involved in teacher education and certification since 1982 when he was appointed Director of Field Services at Murray State University.

In 1995, Schroeder came to the University of Kentucky where he has focused on the development of the college information systems, on professionalizing staff positions in AS&TC and on serving as chair of the Program Faculty Chairs committee for the college. He is the official Certification Officer for UK and serves as a liaison with the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). While in the College, he has assisted with three National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) visits and has been actively involved in helping to manage the formal aspects of program descriptions, curriculum contracts, continuous assessment and standards, all of which have been important in the reaccreditation of the college by NCATE.

Schroeder, who shares the 2008 award with Mark Wasicsko of Northern Kentucky University, is the fourth UK recipient of this distinguished service award. Rosetta Sandidge, associate dean for academic and student services, received the award in 2007, former Dean Edgar Sagan was honored in 1998 and Schroeder’s predecessor Elizabeth Nelli was recognized in 1993.