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Rous, Nash Prototype New System of Coaching for Care Providers

Rous photo
Dr. Beth Rous

In partnership with the Human Development Institute (HDI), Drs. John Nash and Beth Rous received funding from the Division of Child Care, Race-to-the-Top Early Learning Challenge, to prototype a new system of coaching services for licensed early care and education providers across the state.  The project focuses on the use of Design Thinking and empathy-based feedback loops to support the design and implementation of the system.  This includes two key activities.  First, the development of a virtual provider portal to engage center and home-based providers in quality improvement efforts.  Second, the use of CoachMeets across the state to identify and develop a Coaching Toolkit to support coaches in meeting provider needs related to increased program quality.  The project team includes post-doctoral scholars Dr. Joanne Rojas (Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology graduate) and Dr. Victoria Sherif (Educational Leadership Studies graduate), Chithra Adam, HDI director of evaluation and Educational Leadership Studies doctoral student, and HDI research and development associates Patti Singleton and Mary Howard.

Nash photo
Dr. John Nash