Sajjid BudhwaniSajjid Budhwani, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar
Department of Educational Leadership Studies

Sajjid Budhwani holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Denver, Colorado, United States. His work undertakes transdisciplinary approach by leveraging traditional methods and statistics, innovative geospatial research methods and environmental factors to understand PK-12 and higher education system. His current research examines school facets through surrounding factors, interrogating spatial equity in distribution of social capital resources within neighborhoods, and communities that shape schools’ outcomes as well as influence students’ and families school choice decisions.
Sajjid has spent significant years of his life in Mumbai, India wherein he owned and managed Montessori preschools. Leveraging his master’s degree in management from the University of Mumbai, he also provided business development and educational consultancy to other educational institutions. He was also associated with non-profits and community-based organizations for more than a decade. Prior to moving to Canada as a Permanent Resident, Sajjid lived in the United States to pursue his doctoral studies. Alongside, he also did a year-long program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as worked as with public and private schools, higher education, and social enterprise organizations. During this time, he also received several awards, including the prestigious Barbara L. Jackson Scholarship award.

Over the years, Sajjid’s academic, professional, and voluntary exposures have made him a transformative leader, a critical researcher, and an experienced educator with a demonstrated history of working in education and non-profit sectors. His leadership, research, and practice included several projects related to program evaluation, adult learning and teaching, youth empowerment, social enterprise development, access to quality education, early childhood education, school improvement, and community partnership. These opportunities afforded him to hone his skills and expertise to support and undertake academic research, projects, and programs with equity lens as well as lead dynamic, cross-functional teams, departments, and organizations.

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Research: Educational Leadership, Design Thinking, Improvement Science, Research Methods, Geographic Information Systems, Policy, Equity, Evaluation