photo of Kristen Mark


Kristen Mark, Ph.D., MPH

Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion
122 Seaton Building
(859) 257-8935

Kristen Mark, Ph.D., MPH is the Director of the Sexual Health Promotion Lab and an Associate Professor of Health Promotion at University of Kentucky. Dr. Mark holds a PhD in Health Behavior and an MPH in Biostatistics, both from Indiana University where she trained and collaborated with researchers at the Kinsey Institute and the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Her research is focused in the area of sexual desire and satisfaction in couple relationships, and she has conducted studies on desire discrepancy, infidelity, predictors of sexual and relationship satisfaction, and women’s sexual health, to name a few.

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Research categories: Sexual HealthSexual Desire, Sexual Satisfaction, Relationship Satisfaction, Dyadic Research