photo of Jennifer Grisham-Brown


Jennifer Grisham, Ed.D.

Department of Early Childhood, Special Education and Counselor Education
621 South Limestone
(859) 257-8943

Jennifer Grisham is a professor and program chair in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program and faculty director of the Early Childhood Laboratory school. She is co-author of two books on blended education in early childhood education (Blended Practices in Early Childhood Education and Blended Assessment Practices in Early Childhood Education – in press). Her research interests include authentic assessment, tiered instruction, and inclusion of children with significant disabilities.

Dr. Grisham is co-founder of a children’s home and preschool program in Guatemala City called Hope for Tomorrow, where she accompanies students for the education abroad program.

Vita (PDF)

Research categories: Early Childhood Education, Disabilities


Recent Publications:

Grisham, J., & Hawkins-Lear, S. How to Work with Young Children at a Distance.<br>In B. Collins, (Ed.). No One Ever Told Me I Would Have to Teach Like That! Guidelines for Special Education Teachers Working with Remote Students. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
Shepley, C. N., Grisham-Brown, J., Lane, J. D. et al. Training teachers in inclusive preschool classrooms to collect data on individualied child goals. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 41(4), 253-266.
Zhu, L., Shepley, C. N., Grisham, J. et al. (2022, September). A Brief Parent-Coaching Package for Tiered Language Interventions. Education Sciences, 12(9).
Toland, M. D., Grisham, J., Waddell, M. et al. (2022, August). Scale Evaluation and Eligibility Determination of a Field-Test Version of the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System–Third Edition. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 42(2), 150-161.
Shepley, C. N., Grisham-Brown, J. L., Lane, J. et al. (2022, February). Training Teachers in Inclusive Classrooms to Collect Data on Individualized Child Goals. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 41(4), 253-266.