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Preparing Future Faculty through Human Performance Research

Haley Bergstrom, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion, and her graduate students are exploring research questions related to two primary areas of focus:
1) the non-invasive assessment of muscle function and fatigue; and
2) mathematical modeling of human performance.

These methodologies are used to examine exercise and nutritional interventions to delay the onset and mitigate the effects of fatigue during anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Graduate students are integrated into Dr. Bergstrom’s ongoing research agenda and mentored in the development of their research and teaching skills to increase job marketability and enable success in their future careers. Travis Byrd, Taylor Dinyer, and P.J. Succi have recently received awards and scholarships through our professional organizations in recognition of their outstanding work.

photo of Dr. Haley Bergstrom
Taylor Dinyer photo
Photo of Travis Byrd
Photo of PJ Succi