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Special Event

Exceeding Expectations through Formative Assessment – The Key to Student Progress
November 1, 2016
Shirley Clarke is the foremost expert in the practical application of the principles of formative assessment.  This event will include

  • Effective strategies and useful frameworks for developing a learning culture, involving students in planning, learning objectives, targets and co-constructed success criteria, questioning, talk partners/classroom discourse, and all aspects of feedback.
  • Links with TPGES for every aspect of formative assessment – how to do it!
  • Successful tried and tested action plans.
  • Research-based evidence supporting the use of the practical strategies, including John Hattie’s Visible Learning.
  • Video clips of teachers implementing the strategies with their students.

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Our Work

The Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform provides high-quality training and support for improvements in mathematics and science education that is responsive to the needs of educators at all levels. Since 2005, PIMSER has provided professional learning services for over 8,400 teachers and administrators across Kentucky.

We provide ongoing professional development that models research based practices for classroom teachers, instructional coaches, principals, district and university administrators, university instructors, and state level education consultants. Through these multi-tiered partnerships at the local, state and even national level, PIMSER has positioned itself at the forefront of the changing educational landscape, providing the network model for KY Senate Bill 1 and statewide training on assessment literacy.  The dedication of our staff to improving educational practices has made PIMSER a branded name in Kentucky school districts and is synonymous with quality services.

View the impact that PIMSER has had on state educational reform from 2005-2015.
PIMSER – A Decade of Impact


  1. Provide quality math and science professional development that is responsive to the needs of educators at local, regional, and state levels.
  2. Develop networks throughout the state that provide support and resources for K-12 math and science educators.
  3. Build leadership capacity across the Commonwealth to support math and science program improvement efforts of the local schools and districts.
  4. Create and implement relationships with other stakeholders in math and science education reform, e.g. local, state, and federal agencies; foundations; and corporations.
  5. Create and implement a data system that would allow for effective communication of priority needs in the areas of math and science as well as communicate results of outreach activities provided through PIMSER.