PIMSER Has Moved

The Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER) has moved. The new website can be accessed at:



Upcoming PIMSER Events:

Student Success in Algebra
July 13-14
Registration deadline July 5!

Get research-proven strategies, activities, and assessment ideas that make a difference in student learning and performance in the middle and high school Algebra classroom in this 2-day workshop. Learn how to build a learning culture in your classroom and the strategies to focus on individual needs of students to give them all the best possible chance of succeeding in Algebra I and II. You will get strategies that align to effective teaching and learning that are indicators of what an effective Algebra classroom should look like, engage and motivate students to persevere through challenging content, strengthen the quality of your instruction to improve student learning, and address multiple representations within the mathematical content being taught to build conceptual knowledge and develop math proficiency.


Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation – Grades 4 & 7
July 20-21, 2017
Registration deadline July 12!

Understand key ideas underlying the concepts of waves and information transfer (4th & 7th) and electromagnetic radiation (7th). Learn how to develop student understanding of waves in lessons where the Science and Engineering Practices and Cross Cutting Concepts are embedded in instruction as envisioned in the NGSS. Get a storyline, lesson ideas ready for use in the classroom, support materials and strategies for assisting students’ development and use of models, math and literacy integration, notebooking strategies, and sample assessment items.