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Kelly Sampson is a lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program. She joins the University of Kentucky IECE program having served 30 years in public education holding positions as an early childhood educator, primary teacher, principal, and director of early childhood. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in early childhood education at Asbury University for four years.

In 1999, Ms. Sampson incited and led an Early Childhood Focus Group consisting of thirty community members, parents, educators and administrators. The group conducted an in-depth self-study of all district early childhood programs and culminated in setting the vision and strategy for what became the Jessamine Early Learning Village which Ms. Sampson led for 14 years.

While serving as principal, Ms. Sampson initiated and invested in the International Alliance for Invitational Education establishing and maintaining a partnership between Jessamine Early Learning Village and Anchors Schools of Hong Kong since 2007. Ms. Sampson has twice led a team of educators to Hong Kong to model developmentally appropriate teaching practices for early childhood schools. She and the team also conducted professional development for local educators and provided parent education for families.

Her interests center on the inclusion of students with disabilities and the development and implementation of successful co-teaching strategies and collaboration.

Ms. Sampson received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Administrative degree and certification from Eastern Kentucky University.

Research categories: Early Childhood Education, Teacher Education, Disabilities