Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP)


The Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) began in 1985 by the Kentucky General Assembly as an instrument for guiding and assessing first year teachers. This legislation was the beginning of major teacher certification reform and was further strengthened with the passage of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) in 1990. As a result, the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB), was established as the state’s governing body for teacher certification.

KTIP is designed to help beginning teachers (interns) experience a successful first year in the classroom. KTIP provides each teacher with the assistance of a three-member committee trained in the supervision and assessment of beginning teachers. By observing and mentoring the intern, the KTIP committee supports effective teaching practice and guides the intern’s professional growth. KTIP resource teachers may be eligible for a tuition waiver. For more information see our Tuition Waivers page.

KTIP training prepares participants to serve on teacher intern committees. Principals, teachers, instructional supervisors, teacher educators and University faculty who plan to serve on KTIP committees must complete a homework assignment and a one-day training session prior to committee assignment.

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Program Information

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program
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