UK Center for Next Generation Leadership

The UK Center for Next Generation Leadership is a powerful network of students, teachers, leaders, and communities committed to upgrading educational systems to deepen the learner experience of every student. Through a collaborative research-practice partnership, we reimagine learning, teaching, leadership, and research to create and sustain innovation and transformation through leadership development, shared learning, and action research.   


What We Offer

Access to UK Faculty – Core to our model is ongoing access to University of Kentucky College of Education faculty who participate in the Next Generation Leadership Academy. These faculty bring their research and practical expertise in school reform to assist local leaders in transformative change.

World Class Experts – Next Generation Leadership Academy provides access to world class experts both available onsite during professional development days as well as through consultation in an ongoing manner.

Deep Network of Leaders – By joining the Next Generation Academy you gain access to our deep network of school leaders that are actively engaged in school improvement. We intentionally network new participants with existing leaders who have expertise in their content, grade-level, and reform areas.

Our Work Flow

7 Days of Professional Development – Each UK Next Generation Leadership Academy provides 7 or more days of professional development at a central location. These days are spread throughout the year to provide ongoing learning for participants as well as checkpoints on each district’s reform process.

Digital Resources – As a UK Next Generation Leadership participant you and your team gain access to our digital resource bank which includes both open access content that our team makes available as well as private resources for our participants.

Ongoing Support – Our staff are available to support your district’s reform efforts either through onsite or offsite support when you need it.

Learn more about the Next Generation Leadership Academy goals and features.