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Nov. 15 Presentation: 50 Years in Education

The Department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation presents:
Fifty Years in Education
William H. McCann
Wednesday, Nov. 15 • 12 to 1 p.m.
131 Taylor Education Building
Join us for an engaging talk by William H. McCann, a 1953 graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law and a lawyer by profession, with a 50-year career in public service and education.

His involvement in education began in 1960 when he needed to find help for his young son, who had severe physical and mental impairments. His legal career included his representation of local school districts. His public service typically was concerned with higher education. In 1970 he served as a state legislator during the session when the University of Louisville and Northern Kentucky University joined the state system of higher education. As the legislator with UK in his district, he was in the midst of the turmoil.

Gov. Carroll appointed him in 1974 to the Council for Higher Education, where he served nearly a decade, including three terms as chair. During his tenure as chair, he appointed a committee to report on education in Kentucky. That committee, after issuing its report, reorganized in 1983 as a citizens’ group to champion the cause of better schools, taking the name of its first chair, Edward Prichard, thus becoming the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence. Finally, after leaving the Council, Mr. McCann joined the Prichard Committee and served three years as chair and more than 30 years as a member.