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Xin Ma Explains Model for Analyzing Longitudinal Data

Dr. Xin Ma helped explain a new model to analyze longitudinal data during a Nov. 14 talk geared toward faculty and doctoral students.

During the presentation, “A Multilevel Multiset Time Series Model for Describing Complex Developmental Processes,” Ma helped participants learn to use a model to analyze longitudinal data involving two or more time dimensions. For instance, the model could be used to examine an institute’s quarterly performance (one time dimension) across several years (the other time dimension). Familiarity with certain multilevel software programs is not necessary.

“This model is relatively simple to specify, to run, and to interpret,” Ma said. “The adoption of the model is relatively effortless, as long as researchers have the basic knowledge and skills in working with multilevel growth modeling. I hope it will inspire researchers to pursue more advanced research designs to address complex developmental processes.”

Ma is a professor in the UK College of Education’s Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology. The talk is co-sponsored by Quantitative and Psychometric Methods (QPM) in the College of Education and the Quantitative Initiative for Policy and Social Research (QIPSR) in the College of Arts and Sciences.