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Next Generation Leadership Academy Receives Prichard Award

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Prichard Committee student photo
Student Voice Team

The University of Kentucky’s Next Generation Leadership Academy has been recognized by the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence’s Student Voice Team for its role in growing and supporting innovations in teaching and learning that emphasize the importance of student voice.

Prichard’s Student Voice Team awarded their Golden Megaphone Award for Partner of the Year to UK College of Education faculty members Lu Young, Linda France, Justin Bathon, Carmen Coleman and the college’s dean, Mary John O’Hair. This team of college faculty, who were all either former superintendents or teachers, formed the Next Generation Leadership Academy to systematically help educators transform schools to new models of learning.

“Drawing on elements of design-thinking and personalized and deeper learning, their approach focuses on one critical component of teaching and learning that has historically been overlooked in public education,” said Rosalyn Huff, the Student Voice Team member who presented the award. “That critical component is what they call student agency and what we often mean by ‘student voice,’ or the fundamental idea that students can and should own their own learning.”

The Student Voice Team is comprised of a team of self-selected middle school through college students working closely with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence to elevate the voices of Kentucky youth on the classroom impact of education issues and support students as policy partners in improving Kentucky schools.

“We are especially honored to receive this recognition from students,” said Lu Young, who serves on the faculty of the UK College of Education and leads the Next Generation Leadership Academy. “The Student Voice Team is the highlight of my work with Next Gen and I couldn’t be more proud to be their partner.”

The Prichard Student Voice Team has frequently partnered with the UK College of Education’s Next Generation Leadership Academy to work with school leaders in the Next Generation program.

“They (the academy) have invited us to present at professional development conferences, advised us in education research design, provided pro-bono training on technology that has greatly enriched our work and, above all, shown the type of high-level give and take that provides a paragon of youth and adult collaboration,” Huff said.

Superintendents, principals, teachers and school leaders who participate in the Next Generation Leadership Academy are creating student-centered innovations in their districts, and overwhelmingly credit their time in the academy with helping implement their plans.



For more information, visit https://education.uky.edu/nxgla/.