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Learning to Teach the Holocaust

Current and future teachers enhanced their knowledge about the Holocaust, including history of antisemitism, during a program offered in September at the University of Kentucky College of Education. The training, provided by Echoes and Reflections and facilitated by Dr. Kathy Swan, a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is designed to

photo of Holocaust program in Dickey Hall
Holocaust program in Dickey Hall

build confidence and capacity to teach this complex subject.

Geared toward middle and high school teachers, the program provided a range of classroom content and instructional enhancements to support students’ study and reflection of the history of the Holocaust and its ongoing meaning in the world today.

“Now more than ever, teachers need instructional resources to teach current and controversial topics in social studies,” Swan said. “Echoes and Reflections is the national organization to help our students tackle difficult stories and themes around the Holocaust. We are delighted our students had the opportunity to participate in this important training. ”