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Leadership presentations in Chicago, San Diego

Dr. John Nash, along with Dr. Beth Rous and Educational Leadership Studies doctoral student Chithra Adams, delivered four presentations at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association in Chicago, Ill., in November.

In their presentation, “Developing a Path for Credible Judgment for Clinical Translational Science Programs,” Nash, Rous and Adams focused on the use of developmental evaluation in light of the common metrics that will be used to assess the impact of the national Clinical and Translational Science Awards, of which UK is a recipient.

Three presentations centered on how design-thinking approaches can be used to provide more “consumable” data to clients.
• “Evaluation as a Designed Service — Lessons Learned”
• “Design Thinking & Evaluation: Old Wine in a New Bottle, or a New Way to Deliver Evaluation Services?”
• “The Moment of Truth: Evaluators Using Design Thinking to Boost an Organization’s Capacity to Exceed Goals”

Drs. John Nash and Jayson Richardson, with co-author Dr. Sara Dexter of the University of Virginia, presented findings from their recently completed chapter of the “Handbook of Research on the Education of School Leaders” at the 61st annual convention of the University Council for Educational Administration in San Diego, Calif. Their chapter focuses on the state of empirical research on school technology leadership.

At the same meeting, Nash delivered a talk, “Show, Don’t Tell: Visualization for Leadership, Design and Empathy.”