KY Developmental Disability Network Forms for Covid-19 Treatment

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The Kentucky Developmental Disability Network has created two documents for people with disabilities for the COVID-19 pandemic.  Know Your Rights is a one-page document that explains what a persons rights are during a pandemic, if they are admitted into the hospital.  The other document is helpful for medical professionals in … Read More

KY Cov-19 Alerts

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    Sign Language Update on Fayette County guidelines for COV-19   New York Times Article 5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About the Coronavirus  

Theo’s Family Journey

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Theo’s Family Journey   Theo entered this world 18 weeks early as a preemie.  Health issues kept him in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 18 long weeks.  During that time, he became very ill with lung issues which kept him on a ventilator for 11 weeks.  The transition … Read More

ECC 2019

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New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding Horseback riding and food – what could be better? Chaney’s Dairy Farm                                    

Positive Eye NEWS

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Positive Eye Events   The Kentucky Deaf Blind Project (KYDBP), part of the Early Childhood/Special Education/Rehab Counseling dept,  was honored to have Gwyn McCormack from the United Kingdom here on campus to present on a range of teaching and learning approaches appropriate for all children which are inclusive of those … Read More

Catching up with Georgia Bell

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Georgia Bell was born with Cerebral Palsy and Systolic Body Movement Disorder. Her muscles go against what she wants to do. She also has Vision and Hard of Hearing Impairments.  She has always been an active, fun loving child and now – young woman. She will be 16 soon and … Read More


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MAX – the World Traveler As parents, we dream of new babies with great anticipation. On day two of Max’s life, Dr. Brian identified Max with a syndrome. Dr. Brian had accumulated data (about 200 pages) of different life problems related to the syndrome for professionals and families. It was … Read More

Sharing Alex

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Sharing Alex   Our story begins long before our amazing Alex. My husband and I had a boy delivered at 24 weeks gestation who lived 2 days. Our second pregnancy was a girl born at 18 weeks who didn’t have a chance. You cannot imagine our devastation. The physicians were … Read More

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