Peggy and Donna

      About the Project

The Kentucky Deaf-Blind Project (KDBP) provides statewide technical assistance and training at no cost to facilitate partnerships among community agencies. This building of local collaboration on behalf of children and young adults who are deaf-blind occurs naturally as everyone comes together to explore new ideas, learn from each other, and support both the child/family.

The project is also involved in coordinated efforts with Institutes of Higher Education to address personnel competencies for persons working in the field of deaf-blindness. In addition, the project collaborates with the medical community, Kentucky’s Early Intervention system(First Steps), Kentucky Department of Education, and other local, state and national agencies to increase early identification of persons with dual sensory impairments and improve ongoing quality of life for these individuals and their families.

Technical Assistance Services include supporting individuals, their families, and service providers through:

  • Identifying, accessing and/or development of appropriate education and transition programs;
  • Identifying and accessing appropriate medical services;
  • Identifying and accessing appropriate community services;
  • Identifying and accessing training on a variety of topics relevant to individual needs of students, families, providers; and/or
  • Networking with one another in order to obtain information and support.