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A Day in the Life of Martha Calie

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Packages the last of the dog treats for Shoot for the Moon Animal Treats’ sale at Best Friends Obedience – The Deaf-Blind Project was receptive when Martha started baking and wanted to begin her own business. Of special importance was that they understood how the business was totally about Martha, focusing on her love of baking and animals. They assisted greatly with the coordination of resources so that Martha’s work space suits her needs.

photo of Martha Calie working on Shoot for the Moon Animal TreatsTo therapy – High expectations have lead to Martha having a great work ethic. She understands that stretching her body makes every day go better. Martha loves her therapeutic horseback riding and knows that hard work at therapy is essential for her body to be ready to ride. Martha’s efforts at speech therapy are supported by the KY Deaf-Blind Project’s early work with assistive technology. Now she is much more ready for speech therapy and integrating her iPad into her dog treat sales.

Early dinner with a friend – The KY Deaf-Blind Project supported inclusive learning projects while Martha was in school. Diane Haynes was a leader pointing out that her life needed to include both work and recreation. The flexibility that they introduced means that Martha steadily tries new restaurants and environments with her friends and Michelle P workers.

Shoot for the Moon Animal Treats sells their goods at Best Friends Obedience – When the popular obedience school gave Martha the chance to cut her Top of the World Peanut Butter Bones and her Martha’s Cheesy Moons into tiny training treats, Martha jumped at the opportunity for her business, Shoot for the Moon Animal Treats. Martha prepares for each sales night by baking treats and packaging them. She enjoys lots of dogs who love for their families to buy Shoot for the Moon Animal Treats at this sales location. Martha mixes up the evening by gait training while the dogs are in class.

photo of two dogs, Happy and Reese, enjoying Shoot for the Moon treats
Satisfied Customers Happy and Reese

The KY Deaf-Blind Project had supported Martha’s quest for good fitness supporting her efforts at an Aerobic Walking class at Eastern Kentucky University. All through her schooling the KY Deaf-Blind Project has recognized that Martha’s time is valuable and modeled that Martha’s time should be used wisely.

Although Martha is now 25, it is hard to find a day in Martha’s life that does not bear the stamp of the huge efforts of the KY Deaf-Blind Project. Martha and her parents appreciate how the KY Deaf-Blind Project contributed to good outcomes for Martha.

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