1% Better

Fast food – there you have it. My ultimate vice. I, Seth T. Eckler, am a FAST FOOD JUNKIE, a JUNK JUNKIE, if you will. My mantra; Curse eating habits, activity reign supreme. Those of you that have a long drive to work might be able to relate, but after … Read More

Re-inventing the (Fly)wheel: How Flywheel Technologies Are Being Refined for Training Utilization at UK

Flywheel resistance training (RT) has been the subject of scrutiny in recent years for its elicitation of positive muscular adaptations presumably from eccentric overloading. What is a flywheel? A short description of the technology is as follows: “During flywheel-based RT, participants rotationally accelerate a flywheel during concentric muscle actions. The … Read More

Thankful: My Perspective Looking Back

I would like to take this occasion to contribute to the KHP blog by looking back over the 38 years I have been at UK. I have taken on many roles, but one of my main roles has been to train health education teachers. We work closely with Physical Education, … Read More

Get Involved…Join our Biodynamics Lab Research Team in KHP

  As an Associate Professor of Biomechanics and through directing the Biodynamics Lab here at UK, I have the opportunity to engage in a lot of hands-on research that aids in helping others. My research interests are the assessment and treatment of movement disorders and disability due to stroke, cerebral … Read More

Michael Samaan, Ph.D., Named Faculty Mentor of the Week

The Chellgren Center named Dr. Michael Samaan Faculty Mentor of the Week for October 20-26, 2019. The Office of Undergraduate Research officially launched the Research Faculty Mentor of the Week recognition program in August 2017 and have since recognized 61 faculty mentors. Each week their office highlights an outstanding and … Read More

Walk This Way, UK!

Have you ever seen signs on campus indicating how far it would take you to walk to a certain destination? These WalkUK prompts were established to encourage students, faculty, and staff to walk for transportation (walking to get from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’) as they go from class to … Read More

The Truth About The Teaching Profession

Teaching is the best job in the world! I know, I know…it is hard work. It is not always esteemed as the greatest career. The pay isn’t “off the charts”. And the pension system in the state has really been a buzzkill for the profession. But…teaching can be oh, so … Read More

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