shp-lab-logo-01The Sexual Health Promotion (SHP) Lab seeks to improve the sexual health of individuals and couples using a holistic wellness approach. Located in the Seaton Building at University of Kentucky, the SHP Lab aims to conduct research and provide training that is consistent with the sexual health objectives of leading entities in sexual health promotion and public health.
The primary mission of the SHP Lab is to take a sex-positive approach to research and practice by focusing on promoting sexual health in a wide range of settings. We also aim to facilitate connections between researchers, educators, and practitioners in order to bridge the gap between research and practice and to promote the importance of sexual health to overall wellbeing.

Through partnerships with University of Kentucky University Health Service and other community and governmental agencies, the SHP Lab provides education on sexual health topics to students, schools, and the public at large using creative and collaborative mechanisms for delivering information that promotes sexual health. On the campus level, we seek to serve as a collaborative entity for students and professionals to use as a means for bringing together like-minded researchers, educators, and clinicians.

Current Projects

Dr. Mark is currently working on analyzing data from The Couples Study, a 30-day sexual event-level and 4-wave longitudinal study of long-term heterosexual couples’ sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and relationship dynamics. The Couples Study will be gearing up for its 4th wave of longitudinal data collection in the coming months. Dr. Mark is also currently analyzing data from the Women’s Sexual Desire Study, a mixed-method study that was conducted with over 150 women in long-term relationships.

Dr. Bennett and Dr. Mark are collaborating on a project examining undergraduate student’s answer to the question “What value do you place on sex?” which has been submitted for presentation at an upcoming national conference.

Brandy Reeves is currently working on a research study looking at condom purchasing behaviors of college students, as well as analyzing the data with Dr. Brown from the health behavior needs assessments she has done with colleagues. Brandy and Dr. Brown are also currently working on a study looking at the health needs of LGBT college students.

Dr. Brown is working on a retrospective review of medical records for young women with abnormal pap test results, looking at associated risk factors and utilization of HPV vaccine.