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Thankful: My Perspective Looking Back

I would like to take this occasion to contribute to the KHP blog by looking back over the 38 years I have been at UK. I have taken on many roles, but one of my main roles has been to train health education teachers. We work closely with Physical Education, since teachers are mainly hired with dual certifications in Health Education and Physical Education. We have all worked very hard to produce excellent teachers. While not always successful, we have never given up on any student. And sometimes students who struggled during undergrad have turned out to be excellent educators! To teach a future teacher is a great responsibility because that teacher can, in turn, impact many, many lives. And what could be better than helping children and adolescents live healthier, more active lives? This is what we teacher educators have devoted our careers to doing – producing great teachers that can make an impact. When I look at the teachers who are in the field teaching, I am extremely proud of how many I have taught. Although I would like to take credit for all of them, many have turned out to be better teachers than I am. If I have contributed to them in any way, I am thankful.

KHP has had a tradition of having energetic, positive students who want to make difference and I am thankful to have had them as students. I have formed wonderful relationships and fond memories that have been a blessing to me. As I look back, I have to use the word “thankful” again because that is how I feel for having been associated with this department for many years but especially for the great students we have had who want to make a difference. I am convinced that they have given me more than I have given them.

Dr. Noland is Program Faculty Chair for the health education teaching certificate undergraduate program in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion. She has previously served as Chair, Director of Graduate Studies and Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Accreditation and Planning. She teaches courses in school health education, specifically sexuality education, drug education, methods of teaching health and others.