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Four Graduate Students Receive Awards at SEACSM Conference

Taylor Dinyer

Taylor Dinyer received 2nd place in the Rapid Research Race. There were 11 presenters (mostly faculty) and each presenter had 2 minutes to describe their research.





PJ Succi

PJ Succi received a 1st Time Presenters Award. This award is to support hotel expenses for students who are first time presenters at the 2019 SEACSM conference in Greenville, SC. This program is funded by the American College of Sports Medicine. PJ was selected from an application pool based on his essay response outlining how the award would benefit his professional development as well as his current and potential future contributions to the organization and the field.




Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas received 3rd place in the Doctoral Student Award Poster Session. His presentation was titled, “Circadian phase is associated with self-reported chronotype in young, sedentary adults.”





M. Travis Byrd

Travis Byrd presented his work during the Doctoral Student Award Poster session for his presentation, “Neuromuscular responses in lower limb bilateral deficit.” There were 8 doctoral students selected for this session based on reviewer scores from the abstract submissions and the top 3 were selected from this session.