UK Education Abroad “New Horizons” Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for students participating in embedded faculty-directed programs. You should absolutely apply! This scholarship takes the place of the “UK EA Scholarship” which is only available for full-term programs. The potential award amount for the New Horizons Scholarship is $500. You must have already submitted your program scholarship before you apply to this. Deadline: December 1st.

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Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship is through the Tortuga Backpacks company. The potential award amount for this Scholarship is $1000 and a free travel backpackDeadline: December 20th. 

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Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation

This scholarship supports undergraduate students studying abroad who have won a Silver or Gold Award through the Girl Scouts. The potential award amount for this Scholarship is unknown. Application package must be shipped and due by December 7th. 

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Diversity Abroad Website

This website allows you to create a profile, put in your interests and program details, and it will match you to potential scholarship opportunities. Awards and availability may vary.

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Creative Fundraising

Aside from applying for scholarships, you should look into fundraising opportunities. UK EA has a great page with more info on their website.

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Tips for Scholarship Applications

Personal Statements: These statements are reviewed by a panel of UK faculty and staff members. They want to see that you are serious about your program, that you are knowledgeable about the details of it, and that you are not just participating because you think it will be a fun vacation but rather a formative and educational experience. Consider your academic and career goals, and write about how this program will help you achieve them. Click here for more tips.

Faculty Recommendation Letters: When considering who to ask to write your letter, think of an instructor who knows you and can speak to your academic ability (aka a class in which you received good feedback and grades). Give your instructor AT LEAST 2 weeks notice (before the scholarship deadline). When asking them to write your letter, ask if they would be able to write you a POSITIVE and THOROUGH letter. You do not want them just submitting something that says “They are an average student”. Also, they will find it very helpful if you attach your personal statement to the email so they can see it and write about it. At the very least, remind them of your major, career goals, and explanation for why you want to do the program and why you need financial assistance to complete it.

A note on “diversity”: Most scholarships will consider what makes you unique. They will likely ask you to speak to how you are “diverse”. Consider this: the “average” study abroad student is a middle/upper-class white female studying the humanities in a Western European country. She comes from a typical US family, has likely never been abroad or been abroad only once or twice, and at least one of her parents has a college degree. On campus, she is not necessarily involved in student orgs, research, or other opportunities and likely has little leadership or service experience. In what ways do you differ from this student? Talk about them!! Be VERY honest about why you need financial aid to make your program happen. Do NOT say that you aren’t diverse or that your parents pay for everything. Consider these factors: race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, creed, disability, first generation student, never traveled abroad, socio-economic status, from rural Appalachia, history of overcoming adversity.


See below for more tips from Ellie Holliday:

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