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Improving Hip Pain and Bone Health for Osteoarthritis Patients

decorative photo of Samaan and Clasey posing next to a scanning machine
Dr. Michael Samaan and Dr. Jody Clasey

Aerobic exercise is prescribed to conservatively treat hip osteoarthritis, yet there is no scientific evidence to demonstrate the effects of aerobic exercise, such as walking, in reducing hip osteoarthritis-related symptoms. Kinesiology and Health Promotion faculty Dr. Michael Samaan, Dr. Jody Clasey, and their team are assessing the effects of a 30-minute walking task on the changes that occur in hip joint mechanics and pain.

The team is using 3D gait analysis to look at healthy individuals and patients with hip osteoarthritis. Measurements of hip joint muscle function and bone health will provide insight into the potential muscle deficits that lead to these abnormal mechanics and corresponding effects on hip joint bone health in hip osteoarthritis. This work will provide the preliminary data needed to develop the muscle- and gait-related interventions, combined with aerobic exercise, needed to optimize gait mechanics and improve hip pain and bone health in the hip osteoarthritis population.