The College of Education has a grants support office. The purpose of this office is to provide support for faculty and students who are seeking extramural funding. The support includes but is not limited to indentifying potential sources for funding, budget preparation, reviews proposal for compliance with University, State and Federal guidelines and laws, promotes the project among potential funding sources.

For specific answers about the project, contact Faith Cordray or Nora Whitehead.

Your Responsibility
Coordinator’s Responsibilitiy
Develop original idea
Review the literature
Notify your chair and/or your advisor
Contact Proposal Development Office (SDO)
Identifies potential funding sources
Assists in proposal planning
Identifies UK w/ similar interests
Pre-Proposal Activities
Review potential sources
Prepare brief, informal proposal w/ budget est
Contact potential sponsors
Identifies previously funded projects
Assists in constructing pre-proposal
Serves as liaison w/ agency personnel
Draft Formal Proposal
Prepare complete draft of proposal
Prepare draft budget
IRB forms may be pending at proposal submission
Critiques proposal
CGOReviews the budget
Prepare and Submit Formal Proposal
Most of the proposals are on-line forms now and are submitted electronically, so it might be a good idea to revamp this whole section. As an example, the Internal Approval Form is the eIAF and is certified (not “signed”) and it’s routed through myUK. Also, it is important to include that it must be completed 10 days before the due date to the sponsor to meet the college deadline, and not less than 3 business days to OSPA before the due date. Maybe even have a link here to the OSAP website.
Reviews proposal for compliance with sponsor and UK guidelines
OSPA Transmits proposal to sponsor
Be available for negotiations and revisions
If not funded, request peer review comments
Resubmit as appropriate
Complete appropriate IRB forms
Determine status of pending proposal
Negotiate any changes
If funded, review terms and set up account
If not funded, assist in resubmission