International Initiative

The changing nature of global politics, education issues, health crises, and technological advances requires constant scrutiny and action within the academic community. The Institute for Educational Research’s international initiative will bring together researchers and scholars from a broad array of disciplines to explore critical educational challenges of our day.

These collaborative relationships will be facilitated by bi-lateral agreements between the University of Kentucky and international universities and focus on strengthening scholarly discussion and academic cooperation by engaging in exchanges of teaching and research personnel, joint research activities, publications, exchange of graduate and/or undergraduate students, participation in seminars and academic meetings, exchange of information, and special short-term academic programs. The IER and faculty work closely with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) and the Asia Center in facilitating a wide range of activities.

International Agreements
The College, through the Institute, is establishing working agreements with international colleagues to undertake a wide range of scholarly and instructional activities. Bi-lateral agreements and information from partner institutions may be viewed on this page. Further information about project activities will be provided by the IER Director and Principal Investigators.