Provide one or more annual awards of $500 to a doctoral student at UK who meets the following criteria.

  • Any doctoral student enrolled in the UK’s Graduate School.
  • Is currently in, or entering their dissertation residency; and
  • Whose research involves improving life conditions or opportunities for individuals with moderate or severe intellectual disabilities.

Award Committee

The committee will be appointed by the Chair of the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education, and Counselor Education (ECSCE), in the College of Education or their designee. The committee shall include the following representatives:

  • A faculty representative from EDSCE,
  • College of Education, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies,
  • Executive Director of the UK Human Development Institute,
  • Director of Pre-service Training from the UK Human Development Institute, and
  • A faculty representative from the College of Health Sciences.

Award Notification

Dr. Harold Kleinert, for whom the award is named and Dr. Beth Rous, the endowment donor, will be notified of the awardees.

Student Application and Award Criteria for Fall-Spring 2022-2023

Deadline: December 2, 2022