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Gaming in STEM Education Course Featured in Herald-Leader

Child using virtual reality gogglesThe Herald-Leader is featuring five of the more “unique and unexpected” University of Kentucky courses — including one from the College of Education.

A new undergraduate course, launched in Fall 2021, explores how gaming – from digital to board games – can be applied in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

SEM 343 – Gaming in STEM Education is for a wide range of students, whether they are interested in teaching or simply want to expand their understanding of the potential benefits of gaming.

For gaming enthusiasts, the course could be a dream come true – playing games as an assignment. For example, as one part of the course, students will choose a game to play and conduct a detailed analysis of at least two STEM concepts embedded in gameplay. The student will prepare weekly reflections (in conjunction with their gameplay log) connecting STEM concepts experienced during gameplay to potential classroom activities.

“Throughout the course the relationship between theory and practice will be emphasized in an attempt to understand the complexities and challenges in addressing critical issues in STEM learning and teaching,” Lisa Amick, Ed.D., Clinical Associate Professor of STEM Education.

For more information, contact Dr. Amick at lisa.amick@nulluky.edu.