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Fall 2022 Dean’s List

Group of students in front of Taylor Education BuildingFor outstanding academic performance, 772 University of Kentucky College of Education students were named to the Fall 2022 Dean’s List.

At the UK College of Education, students are prepared to inspire and lead, becoming well-prepared professionals, ready to address some of society’s most critical needs.

To make the list, students must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate and earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Last Name First Name Specialization
Bishop Cori Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Hart Katie Elementary Education
Mattingly Alexandria Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
MacDonald Madison Elementary Education
Ferguson Marriah Elementary Education
Wiseman William Middle Level Teacher Education
McIntyre Paul Kinesiology
Miller Annalisa Elementary Education
Johnson Alison Kinesiology
Davidson Levi Kinesiology
Parrent Parker Middle Level Teacher Education
Hunnicutt Christina Middle Level Teacher Education
Darby Vanessa Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Croom Zachary Kinesiology
Harless Meghan Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Music Megan Kinesiology
Goodfellow Colin Kinesiology
Simpson Breauna Kinesiology
Selby Hunter Kinesiology
Whitten Chloe Sec Edu – English Education
Bodine Hannah Elementary Education
Calarco Caitlyn Kinesiology
Branham Nelonna Kinesiology
Lyons Leea Kinesiology
Morris Bailey Elementary Education
Smith Dylan Kinesiology
Grider Evan Kinesiology
Robinson Hayden STEM Education
Gowan Brandon Kinesiology
Gross Jacob Kinesiology
Lotz Marissa Kinesiology
Osborne Hayden Sec Edu – English Education
Waddell Bronwen Sec Edu – English Education
Broadwater Meredith Sec Edu – English Education
Collett Emily Sec Edu – English Education
Murphy Caroline Elementary Education
Dunbar McKenzie STEM Education
McSorley Lindsay Kinesiology
Nguyen Kelly Kinesiology
Woodward Kayla STEM Education
Garrison Austin Kinesiology
Hickey Anne Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
Francis Blake Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Rankin Katherine Elementary Education
Mink Kelsey Elementary Education
Conner Amber Kinesiology
Cook Seth Kinesiology
Atkinson Gavin STEM Education
Bonnell Rachel Elementary Education
Eplin Abigail Sec Edu – English Education
Haney Jeffrey Kinesiology
Natour Abbey Kinesiology
Kilcourse Julia Special Education
Adams William Kinesiology
Conn Mackenzie Elementary Education
Cadwallader Catherine Kinesiology
Craig Constance Elementary Education
Gilinsky Peyton Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Hassan Ala Kinesiology
Rice Livia Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
Robinson Charleston Kinesiology
Spencer Lindsey Kinesiology
Anglin Alyssa Sec Edu – English Education
Goldie Alyssa Kinesiology
Hines Sarah Kinesiology
Jaynes Hannah Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Lucky William Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Parker Kaitlyn Elementary Education
Smith Hailey Elementary Education
Whitaker Makayla Elementary Education
Gililland Alexandria Kinesiology
Hohn Hannah Kinesiology
Cecil Zachary Kinesiology
McCaw Bridget Elementary Education
Witt Jennifer Kinesiology
Magill Maggie Special Education
Mohr Molly STEM Education
Byrne Trendon Kinesiology
Corder Andrew Sec Edu – English Education
Hensley Nickolas Kinesiology
Leeper James Health Promotion
Ramsey Brooke Elementary Education
Thornbury Jade Kinesiology
Venezia Alice Elementary Education
Wood Denzel Kinesiology
Flynn Spencer Kinesiology
Thompson Zachary Kinesiology
Kaegi Grace Kinesiology
Parks Tanner Kinesiology
Bingham Miranda Kinesiology
Doran Brianna Kinesiology
Wallace Madison Elementary Education
Ernst Jenna Elementary Education
Jetton Alexis Elementary Education
Leadership Studies
Kiernan, V Thomas Kinesiology
Parks Cooper Kinesiology
Patterson Haley Elementary Education
Skaggs Baylie Elementary Education
Spritzky Brooke Elementary Education
Stikes Shamaria Elementary Education
Walker Bailey Sec Edu – English Education
Webb Lindy Elementary Education
West Erin Kinesiology
Adams Mary Elementary Education
Brown Olivia Kinesiology
Cummins Brandon Kinesiology
Manuel Garrett Kinesiology
Begley Molly Elementary Education
Haury Anna Elementary Education
Parker Sarah Kinesiology
Stier Victoria Elementary Education
Thomas Morgan Special Education
Wang Sharlene Kinesiology
Blincoe Elizabeth Kinesiology
Follmer Mara Kinesiology
Schmidt Lindsey Kinesiology
Rahbany Alexander Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Butler Haley Elementary Education
Deaton Maya Special Education
Tate Gabrielle Kinesiology
Kruger Ellie Kinesiology
Rudy Ashton Special Education
Plummer Jonah Kinesiology
Beasley Nautica Kinesiology
Gorth Emma Elementary Education
Hughes Breanna Elementary Education
Gray Taylor Elementary Education
Lomelo Chance Kinesiology
Mallory Mary Ellen Health Promotion
Schmitt Andrew Kinesiology
Story Kayla Middle Level Teacher Education
Hayslett Grace Kinesiology
Jones Amanda Kinesiology
Marshall Cole Kinesiology
Miller Morgan Elementary Education
Halbur Brendan Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Hardesty Dylan Kinesiology
Hillenmeyer Amanda Elementary Education
Sampson Randall STEM Education
Julian Alexsis Middle Level Teacher Education
Stamper Kara Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
Long Brooke Kinesiology
McDonnell Kylie Elementary Education
Meeks Brianna Elementary Education
Phillips Kaylynne Elementary Education
Rogers Devin Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Seagraves William Kinesiology
Witherington Laura Kinesiology
Albornoz Mia Kinesiology
Barnes Blake Sec Edu – English Education
Manno Katherine Elementary Education
McElfresh Reece Kinesiology
Vandenbroek Abigail Elementary Education
Lin Yu Kinesiology
Crum Emily Kinesiology
Douglass Stephen Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Doyle Kennedi Kinesiology
Ervin Payton Kinesiology
Gaines Andrew Kinesiology
Holt Jamie Middle Level Teacher Education
McCrery Grace Elementary Education
Robertson Jayda Elementary Education
Satterly Taylor Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Utley Olivia Elementary Education
Wells Megan Kinesiology
Whitehouse Sean Kinesiology
Wolfe Kaley Kinesiology
Woods Lillian Elementary Education
White Hanna Elementary Education
Horton Sarah Kinesiology
Lee Josephine Kinesiology
Smith Chase Kinesiology
Bowman Kaitlyn Middle Level Teacher Education
Hollars Kira Elementary Education
Davey Gillian Kinesiology
Padgett Tristan Kinesiology
Sams Ellie Kinesiology
Barenbaum Caitlin Kinesiology
Gayan Sloan Kinesiology
Pack Elizabeth Kinesiology
Kowalski Elise Kinesiology
Pfeifer Harrison Kinesiology
Lucas Bryanna Kinesiology
Hernandez Meza Kenia Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Wright Shian Kinesiology
Donahue Rachel Elementary Education
Riley Spencer Elementary Education
Smith Aaron Kinesiology
Morris Kaylee Kinesiology
Daniel Akram Kinesiology
Black Bear- Francis Apolo Kinesiology
Blasi Karlee Elementary Education
Ford Elliott Elementary Education
Harris Madelein Kinesiology
Haycraft Patrick Kinesiology
James Noah Kinesiology
Jennings Meghan Kinesiology
Stafford Kailey Kinesiology
Sutherland, Sr Carson Elementary Education
Win’e Olivia Elementary Education
Nichols Hailey Elementary Education
Davis Emily Elementary Education
Zerhusen Hannah Kinesiology
Adams Jadyn Kinesiology
Chambliss Hannah Special Education
Lawrence Lynzi Kinesiology
Mason Chelsea Elementary Education
Patel Nima Kinesiology
Schmitt Isabel Elementary Education
Turner Casey Middle Level Teacher Education
Young Audrey Kinesiology
Digby Maddie Kinesiology
Buzicky Hannah Kinesiology
Worley Raena Kinesiology
Baker Isabella Elementary Education
Stewart Courtney Kinesiology
Enright Justine Elementary Education
Parks Diana Kinesiology
Fleniken William Kinesiology
Patel Kareena Kinesiology
Olsen Bonnie Elementary Education
Ries Lindsey Kinesiology
Dempsey Charlotte Kinesiology
Vigliotti Amanda Elementary Education
Milbourn Anne Elementary Education
Schreiber Sarah Kinesiology
Fugitte Macy Elementary Education
Lane Emily Elementary Education
Plata-Madrid Mackenzie Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Tavolacci Isabella Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Betts Mandy Kinesiology
Smith Ethan Kinesiology
Briggs Makenna Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Tutt Olivia Kinesiology
Huffman Piper Kinesiology
Tunstall Elizabeth Elementary Education
Ditto Samantha Kinesiology
Horan Keegan Kinesiology
Espinosa Jacobo Kinesiology
Rizzuti Kiara Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Schweinhart Abigail Elementary Education
Shadburne Grace Kinesiology
Lawson Katelyn Kinesiology
Molotky Natalie Kinesiology
Jones Morgan Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Neumann Shannon Special Education
Hrametz Jennifer Special Education
Greeson Natalie Elementary Education
Pitel Lauren Kinesiology
Vigil Dominic Kinesiology
Musso Lilly Special Education
Good Elizabeth Elementary Education
English Talya Kinesiology
Burris Hazel Sec Edu – English Education
Howell Kassidy Kinesiology
Larkin Leslie Kinesiology
Prothero Jessica Health Promotion
Larkin Elizabeth Kinesiology
Seal Nina Elementary Education
James Jordan Elementary Education
Oettl Emma Kinesiology
Costello Cecelia Elementary Education
Camuglia Heather Elementary Education
Watts Brooke Kinesiology
Williams Rebekah Kinesiology
Brinker Kelsey Elementary Education
Deaton Emma Elementary Education
Henderson Gracie Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Henry Alexa Kinesiology
Merchant Molly Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Patel Zarmi Kinesiology
Gardipee Katelyn Kinesiology
Ehrhardt Sydney Kinesiology
Lemen Abigail Special Education
Spalding Alexandria Elementary Education
Schelb Andrew Kinesiology
Rogers Harrison Kinesiology
Salmon Hannah Elementary Education
Addams Isabelle Sec Edu – English Education
Blandford Callie Kinesiology
Wilson Morgan Elementary Education
Smith Caleb Kinesiology
Mizerk April Elementary Education
Stargel Kaya Kinesiology
McCormick Kelsey Elementary Education
Deguzis Ayla Kinesiology
Polk Carolyn Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Stec Lauren Kinesiology
Richardson Joseph Kinesiology
Duffy Emily Elementary Education
Morgan Fiona Elementary Education
Hinton Savannah Sec Edu – English Education
Haggard Vivian Middle Level Teacher Education
Hesener Celeste Kinesiology
Ktout Raneem Kinesiology
Good Lauren Kinesiology
Coffel Erin Kinesiology
Allen Catherine Elementary Education
Blanton Jenna STEM Education
Carstens Emily Kinesiology
Ford Natalie Kinesiology
Heath Avery Kinesiology
Morton Abigail Elementary Education
Arias Mia Kinesiology
Coulter Eliza Special Education
Van Den Berg Lara-Isobel Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Stocker Bryan Middle Level Teacher Education
Colletti Kristina Kinesiology
Babcock Audrey Kinesiology
Benningfield Lauren Elementary Education
Colgan Kiley Elementary Education
McArdle Jack Kinesiology
Wagner Brooke Elementary Education
Cox Amber Kinesiology
Stephens Colin Kinesiology
Barnicle Shelby Elementary Education
Byrd Murphy Kinesiology
Cullen Claire Elementary Education
Just Jessica Elementary Education
Sanning Adriana Kinesiology
Spotts Megan Elementary Education
Keen Hana Elementary Education
Berg Ashley Elementary Education
Outland Kathleen Elementary Education
Slavey Elise Special Education
Doerffler Lauren Kinesiology
Ahmad Khadijah Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Ahmad Jeanin Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Burke Brevin Kinesiology
Carlton Jaylee Elementary Education
Isaacs Jamison Elementary Education
Dickerson Kelsey Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Fitzpatrick Caleb Kinesiology
Hawkins Alexandria Kinesiology
Held Madison Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Prater Tessa Middle Level Teacher Education
Rademaker Bruce Elementary Education
Ries Abagail Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Smith Rileigh Elementary Education
Anderson Ethan Kinesiology
Brown Sydney Kinesiology
Hall, III William Kinesiology
Akers Elizabeth Middle Level Teacher Education
Bailey Wynter Elementary Education
Kekic Neira Middle Level Teacher Education
Sanchez Ariana Elementary Education
Banker Savannah Middle Level Teacher Education
Rondon Jason Kinesiology
Coulter Jasmine Elementary Education
Boda Gabrielle Special Education
Bramblett Isabella Elementary Education
Bravard Emily Elementary Education
Coulter Yasmine Elementary Education
Dalbey Micah Sec Edu – English Education
Grace Jillian Elementary Education
Kiessling Samira Kinesiology
Kirchner Ryan Kinesiology
Kowalski Marjorie Kinesiology
Otipoby Alison Kinesiology
Popeck Meredith Elementary Education
Shryock Anna Elementary Education
Snow Kaylee Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Stratton Abbi Elementary Education
Waggener Jackson Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Alley Morghan Kinesiology
Buford Ellie Middle Level Teacher Education
Gross Morgan Elementary Education
Bugg Brooke Elementary Education
Harper Benjamin Kinesiology
Kennedy Kelsey Kinesiology
Lanham Taryn Kinesiology
Privette Margaret Sec Edu – English Education
Friedman Carly Elementary Education
Rhodes Jordyn Kinesiology
Davis Connor Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Anderson Katelyn Special Education
Flanagan Erin Elementary Education
Joseph Sophie Special Education
Kraske Kayla Kinesiology
Landry Jacqueline Kinesiology
Newquist Emelia Kinesiology
Young Athena Kinesiology
Dudee Neena Elementary Education
Fleming Austyn Kinesiology
Garrett Nova Middle Level Teacher Education
Joels Susan Elementary Education
Masyada Jackson Kinesiology
Shah Sahil Kinesiology
Armstrong Rebecca Elementary Education
Podl Courtney STEM Education
Hinkebein Mary Kinesiology
Shelby Hannah Elementary Education
Rushe Kelly Kinesiology
Clarke Makenna Health Promotion
Arnold Samantha Kinesiology
Crimmins Shane Kinesiology
Hardison Baker Sec Edu – English Education
Little Abigail STEM Education
Perry Abigail Kinesiology
Rinker Alayna Elementary Education
Rowe Cassidy Kinesiology
Schindler Caroline Elementary Education
Eaton Alyssa Health Promotion
Dierig David Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Mattingly Kelsey Kinesiology
Mooring Ethan Kinesiology
Schulkers Noelle Elementary Education
Taylor Jessi STEM Education
Wimsett Elizabeth Elementary Education
Manning Matthew Kinesiology
Discher Abigail Kinesiology
Evans Rachel Kinesiology
Fry Grace Elementary Education
Roberts Emma Elementary Education
Salkeld Kaitlin Kinesiology
Tyler Katherine Kinesiology
Denniston Chloe Kinesiology
Duerler Collin Kinesiology
Clay Carissa Kinesiology
Hoisington Ethan Middle Level Teacher Education
Rees Reagan Gayle Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
Lloyd Tucker Kinesiology
Elias Victoria Elementary Education
McHugh Alyssa Elementary Education
Peisker Claire Sec Edu – English Education
Homan Hanna Kinesiology
Butts Kaitlyn Elementary Education
Geenen Lauren Kinesiology
Campbell Patrick Kinesiology
Merritt Lauren Kinesiology
Sanchez Isabel Elementary Education
Stevens Elizabeth Elementary Education
Schoonover Stephanie Kinesiology
Austin Belinda Kinesiology
Flesch Lily Elementary Education
Davenport Audrey Elementary Education
Castellini Lucia Health Promotion
Febbraro Isabella Elementary Education
Baumrucker Emma Middle Level Teacher Education
Gamble Emma Elementary Education
Katz Claire Elementary Education
Gould Hayley Elementary Education
Clay Bryce Kinesiology
Petty Maggie Kinesiology
Tapp Caitlyn Kinesiology
Wood Lily Elementary Education
Logan Katherine Kinesiology
Degenhardt Andrew Kinesiology
McKinley Mary Elementary Education
Hassinger Abigail Elementary Education
Hazelwood Allie Kinesiology
McIntire Emily Elementary Education
Heneghan Grace Elementary Education
Coffey Quinn Special Education
Sims, Sr. Isabella Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Mazur Bianca Elementary Education
Gonzalez Isabella Kinesiology
Carson Zoe Kinesiology
Bell Hannah Kinesiology
Lopez Mateo Kinesiology
Quist Charlotte Kinesiology
Nikirk Grace Kinesiology
Yannone Alia Kinesiology
Kwok Kaylin STEM Education
Streich Lila Elementary Education
Penichet Elijah Kinesiology
Walling McKenzie Kinesiology
Crenshaw Tamya Elementary Education
Musselman Jenna Elementary Education
Manalang Angel Kinesiology
Abdellatif Sarah Kinesiology
Brown Katherine Sec Edu – English Education
Robinson Kaytlin Special Education
Midden Anna Kinesiology
Kennedy Taylor Sec Edu – English Education
Swan Brenna Kinesiology
WoldeGeorgis Bethlehem Kinesiology
Thomas Jordyn Middle Level Teacher Education
Smith Emily Middle Level Teacher Education
Vecchio Maya Kinesiology
DiSabato Ciana Kinesiology
Greenawalt Campbell Elementary Education
Knowles Jaida Kinesiology
Peel Jordan Kinesiology
Andres Caroline Elementary Education
Archbold Paige Kinesiology
Arnold Dru Elementary Education
Burnette Laney Sec Edu – English Education
Covington Sarah Kinesiology
Hasouneh Lara Kinesiology
Jackson Joseph Kinesiology
McCartney Katie Elementary Education
Oles Lilygrace Elementary Education
Rodgers Andrew Kinesiology
Young Kailey STEM Education
Koenig Madison STEM Education
Gerrard Gracey Elementary Education
Van De Brake Olivia Special Education
Dhamer Whitney Kinesiology
Benner Kaelyn Kinesiology
Leiker Alexis Elementary Education
Patel Harsh Kinesiology
Paynter Elizabeth Middle Level Teacher Education
Reynolds Marleigh Kinesiology
Roberts Emily Elementary Education
Willard Lindsay Elementary Education
Mitchell Madison Kinesiology
McIntosh Carter Middle Level Teacher Education
Groff Ethan Kinesiology
Davis Shamaria Kinesiology
Blanton Lilly Kinesiology
Drake Alaina Elementary Education
Emrick Savanna Sec Edu – English Education
Fountain Kylee Kinesiology
Hodges Isabella Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
Lyon-Baldwin Sienna Elementary Education
Mosier Marshall Kinesiology
Smallwood Walker Kinesiology
Terry Mckenzie Kinesiology
Walker Nina Kinesiology
Wall Brian Elementary Education
Botts Hayden Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Flack Kaylee Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Gutierrez-Jacobs Alex Kinesiology
Jones Nina Elementary Education
Spadoni Moira Elementary Education
Butler Haley Kinesiology
DeHaven Whitney Elementary Education
Kiley Victoria Kinesiology
Matthews Zachary Kinesiology
Buboltz Brooklynn Elementary Education
Alleman Victoria Sec Edu – English Education
Crume Courtney Elementary Education
Gray Cooper Kinesiology
Hunter Catherine Elementary Education
Issa Ella Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Melendez Aaliyah Elementary Education
Navarrete-Ruelas Jonathan Kinesiology
Olivera Naya Sec Edu – English Education
Prather Trinity Elementary Education
Schuer Brennan Kinesiology
Taylor Zachary Kinesiology
Massie Isaac Kinesiology
Newton, Sr Nathaniel Kinesiology
Dalton Colton Kinesiology
Daniel Dennis Health Promotion
Mullins Robert Middle Level Teacher Education
Snyder Emma Elementary Education
Kneblik Clare Kinesiology
Young Anna Kinesiology
Whitaker Anna Kinesiology
Smith Steven Kinesiology
Fields Chloe Kinesiology
Martin Victoria Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
DeSmith Rylie Kinesiology
Palazzo Emerson Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
Bickford Genevieve Kinesiology
Blair Chase Kinesiology
Masters Noah Kinesiology
Bowman Nora Elementary Education
Meyer Matthew Kinesiology
Keith Austin Kinesiology
Jones Ella Kinesiology
Karbowski Kayla Kinesiology
Smith Lila Kinesiology
Sterr Delaney Kinesiology
Coots Shawn Kinesiology
Childers Sarah Elementary Education
Etzel Emery Middle Level Teacher Education
Szumski Kathryn Elementary Education
Delaney Addison Elementary Education
Dotson Midori Elementary Education
Hoster Tyler Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Wade Sarah Elementary Education
Dowell Delana Elementary Education
Lundstrom Julia Sec Edu – English Education
Conley Macy Sec Edu – English Education
Morse Margaret Sec Edu – English Education
Peel Eva Elementary Education
Aldridge Kendal Kinesiology
Nowka Lily Elementary Education
Hoegger Lauryn Elementary Education
Ehlert Mackenzie Special Education
McDonald Jackson Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Medina Mariah Kinesiology
Senio Allison Kinesiology
Webb Isaac Kinesiology
Klayer Kaytlyn Kinesiology
Schnurr Anna Kinesiology
Vitale Keira Kinesiology
Picha Jason Kinesiology
Blevins Kendal Kinesiology
Reidy Avery Elementary Education
Ice Madison Special Education
Caruso Nicholas Kinesiology
Darnell Aidan Kinesiology
Long Brennan Kinesiology
Gustave Alyssa Special Education
Burwig Holly Elementary Education
Torres Sergio Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Hiler Katherine Elementary Education
McGinnis Kylie Kinesiology
Zeroogian Alexa Elementary Education
Walker Jeriah Kinesiology
Bassett Ella Kinesiology
An Eunchu Elementary Education
Hart Kaitlin Sec Edu – English Education
Snelling Laken Special Education
Iannelli Justin Kinesiology
Devers Megan Middle Level Teacher Education
Patrick Allen Kinesiology
Proviano Angela Interdisciplinary Disability Studies
McGowan Aubrie Kinesiology
McCollum Reed Kinesiology
Knaust Katelyn Kinesiology
Helil Amr Kinesiology
Navarrete Nicole Kinesiology
Harney Kortney STEM Education
Captain Quintin Kinesiology
Watkins Brooke Kinesiology
Swaney Sophia Kinesiology
Stenger Baylee Kinesiology
Wira Cecilia Elementary Education
Seibert MacKenzie Middle Level Teacher Education
Sherrard Reece Kinesiology
Smith Adam Elementary Education
Dodd Alexandra Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Clark Emily Elementary Education
Mott Karli Kinesiology
Stovall Whitlee Kinesiology
Parker Kennedy Sec Edu – English Education
Hugunin Hannah Kinesiology
Robinson Alyssah Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Burris Jedidiah Kinesiology
Duffin Natalie Elementary Education
Hampton Alexa Elementary Education
Meek Isaac Kinesiology
Baum Chloe Sec Edu – English Education
Nicoulin Michael Kinesiology
Barber Bryn Kinesiology
O’Donnell Allison Elementary Education
Phillips Anthony Kinesiology
Foster Eden Kinesiology
Crain ElizabethAnn Kinesiology
Sterlitz Mitchell Kinesiology
Sterlitz Samuel Kinesiology
Courson Chance Kinesiology
Goerges Grace Middle Level Teacher Education
Rosati Sarah Kinesiology
Waldman Lauren Elementary Education
Fotos George Kinesiology
Bowdish Tyrah Kinesiology
Florimonte Anthony Kinesiology
Cross Bridget Elementary Education
Speaker Emily Kinesiology
May Alana Kinesiology
Valentine Aubrey Elementary Education
Kerns Kaylan Kinesiology
Stolle Olivia Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Polson Kailey Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Houy Cassidy Elementary Education
Motley Whitney Elementary Education
Rogalski Makenna Kinesiology
Merani Ryan Health Promotion
Reber Lucy Kinesiology
Lutgen Kendall Kinesiology
Walters Hannah Undeclared/Exploratory Studies in ED
Como Imogen Elementary Education
Schupp Madison Kinesiology
Lowrey Morgan Elementary Education
Guiborat Kathryn Special Education
Gossage Riley Kinesiology
Tullis Brianna Kinesiology
Sobol Marisa Kinesiology
Snow Amica Elementary Education
Kitts Olivia Kinesiology
Merritt Savannah Kinesiology
Finch Emma Elementary Education
DeWalt Peyton Elementary Education
Boyce Jack Kinesiology
Giuffre Sarah Elementary Education
Mattingly Chelsea Kinesiology
Wentworth Emma Middle Level Teacher Education
Richardson Jenna Kinesiology
Beaver Jillian Kinesiology
Wells Xavier Kinesiology
Maggard Conner Kinesiology
Phillips Maya Sec Edu – English Education
Blazek Lauren Elementary Education
Welgat Maris Elementary Education
Barth Katherine Special Education
Heuke Travis Kinesiology
Grill Emma Elementary Education
Taylor Lindsey Elementary Education
Shawke Anya Kinesiology
Tobergte Avery Elementary Education
Voss Martin Kinesiology
Schill Israel Kinesiology
Grundy Danaasia Special Education
Robertson Clara Kinesiology
Densmore Micayla Middle Level Teacher Education
Yurkovich Lily Special Education
Miller Clara Elementary Education
Alcure Samantha Elizabeth Elementary Education
Beck Lindsey Kinesiology
Kannapell Carter Kinesiology
Bifulco Olivia Kinesiology
Hinkebein Mary Elementary Education
Terrell Adalyn Elementary Education
Clemons Rhiannon Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Underwood Connor Kinesiology
Coffman Sarah Special Education
Jastram Kaitlynn Elementary Education
Thompson Alexandra Kinesiology
Sandoval Amanda Elementary Education
Taylor Nation Elementary Education
Kemper Kyle Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Schoen Franklin Kinesiology
Gabryszak Adam Kinesiology
Raibick Jaime Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Zimlich Abigail Sec Edu – English Education
Loyall William Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
Kruger Allison Kinesiology
Ogden Shelby Elementary Education
Patterson Jacob Kinesiology
Frey Jocelyn Elementary Education
Simpson Marilyn Special Education
Tucker, Jr. Andre Kinesiology
Bird Kiersten Kinesiology
Farley Jordyn Elementary Education
Abu-Khraybeh Hannah Elementary Education
Leadership Studies
Smith Carlee Kinesiology
Eraso Xabier Kinesiology
Hering Addisen Elementary Education
Giltner Elizabeth Kinesiology
Kinney Alexis Kinesiology
Scharf Makayla Kinesiology
Anspach Reagan Kinesiology
Lavery Hannah Special Education
Lewis Rebecca Kinesiology
Denk Lillian Elementary Education
Lahey Ava Health Promotion
Hall Emma Health Promotion
Byer Blake Kinesiology
Hjorth Taya Kinesiology
Blackwell Mackenzie Elementary Education
Jauregui Ramsey Elementary Education
Wetherell-Smith Melanie Undeclared/Exploratory Studies in ED
Strauch Aubrie Kinesiology
Smith Airiane Elementary Education
Brownell Averie Elementary Education
Whitmore Taylor Elementary Education
Abrahamson Aaron Sec Edu – English Education
Branch Colleen Kinesiology
Wozniak Brynn Kinesiology
Gehr Deanna Kinesiology
Taylor Madisun Kinesiology
Vogelsang Karl Kinesiology
Delia Gabriella Elementary Education
Molina Autumn STEM Education
Singh Amber Kinesiology
Kiley Nevaeh Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Ed
Schindler, Jr. John Sec Edu – Social Studies Education
McCord Alexander Kinesiology
Smedley Zoe STEM Education
Miller Brandon Kinesiology
Turner Jenna Elementary Education
Drake, II Paul Kinesiology
Jefferson Ramon Leadership Studies
Fedriani- Barragan Pablo Elementary Education